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Dermalogica solar defence booster, anyone use??

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Indecisivejo Wed 13-May-15 21:35:38

Title says it all really,
Am considering ordering some and wanted some feedback please.

Only1scoop Wed 13-May-15 21:38:07

Have used it for years it's great stuff. Can also mix a bit in with foundation if you wearing full make up.

Indecisivejo Wed 13-May-15 21:40:47

Oh good, is it greasy or light? Also why do you use this one over all the other brands available?

Only1scoop Wed 13-May-15 21:48:44

It's been re formulated it used to be spf 30 and I find the latest one much lighter to use.

Now spf 50 so great protection it doesn't have that sunscreen feel to it.

Have you tried a sample? I think you can get them in sachets to try first.

Indecisivejo Wed 13-May-15 22:02:01

No I haven't, I usually just dive straight in and order full size grin

Only1scoop Wed 13-May-15 22:05:36

Sounds like me I'm the gift with purchase queen grin

I'm rubbish at links etc but I've just looked on Ebay you can order 4 sachets for 1.99 worth it before you splash out.

Indecisivejo Thu 14-May-15 07:34:58

Thank you (think I'm gonna order full size tho grin) I hate sachets lol.

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