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Does anyone fancy helping me pick some new clothes?

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FlaviaAlbia Wed 13-May-15 21:04:31

I'm going to a fancy hotel for a few days break soon and I've been going though my clothes and realising I don't have very many nice tops and all my bottoms are fairly scruffy bootcut jeans except for a pair of dark denim skinnys and a grey pair of trousers I wear to funerals confused

My favourite top at the minute that suits me best is this one,default,pd.html but it looks better without the ribbons tied in a bow.

Any suggestions for nice trousers (or tops!) would be welcome. I'm on a high street budget but don't mind spending more if its good quality.

I'm 5'2 and heading back towards a size 10-12. My boobs are 34ff so I can't usually do non stretchy fabrics with buttons.

Thank you if you've got this far smile

Pantsalive Fri 15-May-15 09:54:49

Lucky you! That sounds lovely.

It sounds as if some smarter skinny trousers could be a good place to start. How about something like this outfit?

SuperFlyHigh Fri 15-May-15 10:30:34

I second Zara for not bad tops on a budget but this brand always gets good votes here and also although I've not bought it I know friends with boobs who have and they love, Mint Velvet:-

can't think of anything offhand but I'd just go into a store or concession (the one near to me always has nice stuff) and try on.

what always makes me feel better is new trousers/skinny jeans - maybe go for a designer pair or just get a new pair of Top Shop or whatever rocks your boat. Again Mint Velvet/Whistles do some lovely stuff trouser/leggings wise even jeans.

FlaviaAlbia Fri 15-May-15 12:20:21

Thanks for the replies! I have to admit I generally bypass Zara so I'll go in and try on a lot of stuff. I wouldn't tend to try on anything like the links which I guess is why I'm sitting here in bootcut jeans grin

I haven't been in topshop for years either, the one near me is full of early teens so I figured I was to old for it!

I know its just a matter of working up the courage and energy to spend a day trying on everything but the suggestions will help me focus, so thank you!

ALittleFaith Fri 15-May-15 12:22:58

I went on a shopping spree to update my wardrobe and got most stuff from Debenhams. I especially like Mantaray and Rocha John Rocha for smarter (but not OTT) stuff. Not the cheapest but only say £30 for a top.

SuperFlyHigh Fri 15-May-15 13:24:29

OP - no oh no! see my other S&B thread for recent Top Shop finds (and River Island).

take along a 'shopping friend' (you know the kind, they love to shop... love fashion!) if you have one, so they can steer you clear of anything totally dire.

Massimo Dutti is gorgeous and a price bracket up from Zara but not as dear as Tommy Hilfiger.

oh OP - just thought wide legged (palazzo) pants are back in fashion and if you get the right pair they're bang on trend and can look dressy (think worn with wedges etc). you could get a nice linen mix pair. Also Gap have some nice dresses and things and maybe Monsoon for a petite maxi dress or other stuff (they did have some years ago and may do now).

FlaviaAlbia Fri 15-May-15 14:24:27

Ooh, I've just spent ages browsing, I think my main problem is that I would never think of trying on half the stuff I like on the models. I would LOVE a pair of palazzo pants grin I've never heard of Massimo Dutti but oh, I love the stuff on their website, I just wish I was also 5'11 and a size 8!

I have got a nice jacket from John Rocha, thanks alittle, I'd forgotten about that!

SuperFlyHigh Fri 15-May-15 15:02:57

OP - go and try on - I'm a 28FF/30G and I can fit Massimo Dutti's tops..

you just need a good try on time I think and debenhams were doing deals this week my local one anyway.

also OP - I tried on a cocoon/car coat (in Oasis) earlier this year had always thought no not for me too trendy, not flattering enough. one of the best coats I've ever bought and super flattering!

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