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Best waist cincher??

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Figroller Wed 13-May-15 20:20:37

I have a lovely dress to wear to a friends party. It really emphasises my waist or lack off. Can anyone recommend shape wear to cinch the waist. Have been looking at some of the waist trainers online but they are ££££.

GinaG60 Wed 11-May-16 22:29:57

I wish I could respond with some positive advice! My husband ordered me a 2XL waist trainer and some gym pants from the "so sweaty" website. I am size 14 and the trainer should have fitted fine, but i could only do up one of the hook/eyes. My husband asked to return it and they said they couldn't accept returns because it is classed as underwear! I try on bras and send them back to figleaves with no problem, so why they are being anal about this I don't understand. But please don't buy from SO SWEATY!!

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