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I'm natural v pale, although not terribly interesting, and, on top of that, haven't been very well, so am inclined to an almost death-like pallor at times.

I've never worn bronzer in my life, but looking at some old holiday photographs the other day, I realised that I actually look quite nice with a tan.

Can anybody recommend a really cheap (n case I hate it) and really light/natural bronzer for me to try, in an attempt to stop everybody commenting on how pale I look, please?

Thank you. smile

Natrually - 'scuse typos, mistakes etc.

Ofgs - Naturally

Betterthanme Wed 13-May-15 17:01:17

I think Mua at superdrug sell bronzer for a pound. My mil swears by it and she usually uses high end makeup Estée Lauder Chanel etc. they do 3 colours in it. Be perfect for you to try out see if you like the look.

flippinada Wed 13-May-15 17:02:29

Body Shop honey bronzer is very good and pretty cheap too.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 13-May-15 17:18:45

I bought a Rimmel one for my DD which is nice (no sparkle) for now and a Benefit Hoola Bronzer kit for her birthday.

If you like a tan though what about a facial fake tan?
James Read maybe?

I have a Leighton Denny set (which I haven't used yet) but I might try this weekend.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Wed 13-May-15 17:23:23

The clarins one is good, if you want a facial tanner. Subtle. Not remotely TOWIE.

As for cheapy bronzer, the Rimmel one has been around for years and still gets good feedback (get the lightest shade!), if you've got a bit more to spend or some Advantage Card points spare I recommend the Soap & Glory one, it's like a half and half thing. Nice. Can't remember if it comes in more than 1 shade but I'm blue-white so I get the lightest one, if it does.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Wed 13-May-15 17:25:06

clarins facial doodah, sweep on with cotton wool after cleansing etc before bed and wake up lightly golden

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Wed 13-May-15 17:28:21

By the way, the soap and glory has a funny overspray on it when you first get it. Makes it look shimmery but the powder underneath is matte. The shimmery overspray is decorative (ffs) and dusts off with a brush easily.

Thanks for all of these. I definitely don't want fake tan.

I might try the MUA one and then, if that looks reasonable, work my way up!

MooMinCow Wed 13-May-15 20:18:22

Remus, you want the Body Shop Honey matte Bronzer in 01. £13, but there's always a 20/30/40% off code available if you Google it.

If you want something with a shimmer try their baked bronzer in 02. (And yes, I do work for them wink)

mewkins Wed 13-May-15 21:27:37

Hi Remus, definitely try Mua on shade 01 and see how you go. the Bourjois delice de poudre (or whatever, my french is hopeless) is also really good either in the lightest shade or in the highlighter/bromzer combo is also really nice and non shimmery. I use bronzer a lot now and everyone says how healthy I look ; )

Thanks, Moo and Mew (great name juxta-positioning there!). Will buy the MUA one at the weekend and report back.

ilovekittycats Fri 15-May-15 07:48:05

I know (think) bronzer is meant to be used on cheekbones (where the sun would hit) but I am wondering if it could be used all over the face to give a bit of colour instead of fake tan. I have found that fake tan on the face can sink into my large pores and look dirty

I also have a lot of redness on cheeks and nose and wonder if bronzer may disguise it a bit..

The MUA one sounds good to start with as not an expensive mistake if it is not for me.

OttiliaVonBCup Fri 15-May-15 07:52:22

Chanel has some that are meant to be used all
Not called bronze I think though.
Rimmel for a cheap Bronzer though, I think Bourjois is a but too dark.

MrsTShelby Fri 15-May-15 09:40:04

Not cheap I know but on another thread there is talk about the Clarins glow oil stuff that you add a few drops to your moisturiser?

I am very pale and use Clarins bronzer lightly all over as when I try and use it on cheekbones I just look a bit grubby. Again it's not cheap but it's last ages and is light enough for my pale skin.

MooMinCow Fri 15-May-15 14:03:50

Kittycats - try a tinted face gel. Can be used alone or mixed in with moisturiser or foundation

Quick update:
Checked out the MUA one today, in the lightest shade. Even that look scarily dark though, so I didn't buy it. I tried it on my hand and it just made my hand look grubby, so I dread to think what it would have looked like on my face.

All of the other ones that Superdrug had (at a quick glance at least) looked sparkly. Think I'll have to stick to blusher instead!

Twinklestein Sat 16-May-15 17:03:34

Vita Liberata, Gradual Tan in 'Warm' shade.

Whatever you get make sure it's tinted otherwise it will go on streaky.

Twinklestein Sat 16-May-15 17:08:01

Loreal Sublime Bronze 'Self Tanning Tinted Gel' in 'Light Tan' is also good. You can get it in Boots.

And the Loreal Sublime Bronze 'Summer Glow Lotion' also in Light Tan is one of the only ones I've found I can use on my face without it looking dirty.

thelittlebooktroll Sat 16-May-15 17:28:56

I really rate Boots N 7

Thanks again. I don't want a fake tan; I just wanted a really light, natural looking bronzer.

I have This S&G blusher which is lovely, so I might try this peachy coloured one.

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