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Basics for a week in the sun while still working on weight loss?

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hairhelpplease Wed 13-May-15 13:29:40

I am just over 2.5 stone down in weight with around another stone to go.

This probably means that come 5th July when we fly to Greece I won't be in a wardrobe of carefully thought out clothes to fit my new and permanent weight!

So I need a wardrobe with enough clothes to last a week - no washing machine available. I will be still a size 14 bottom half (may be a 12) and 14 may be 16 on top.

I was thinking about one swimsuit that I can wash through in the sink for during the day with a couple of cheap pairs of shorts and t-shirts. I have plenty of shoes. I wasn't impressed with Primark but ASDA has some decent shorts in particular that weren't expensive.

What about for at night though? I am still quite busty and I don't like my upper arms or I'd just buy 3 maxi dresses! Jeans, even ankle grazers I'd imagine would be too hot?

Any suggestions? I can't work out if I'm apple or pear or whatever - I've always just been a bit fat. Plus, and this threw me completely, I had a night out a couple of weeks ago and bought a new pair of jeans and a shirt in my right size and I really felt self conscious - I used to dress fairly well in my old size and always felt confident but not this time.

hairhelpplease Mon 18-May-15 16:15:31


specialsubject Mon 18-May-15 16:38:33

for day, two sets of swimwear/rash vests. Take that day's one with you into the shower at night, dry on balcony next day while wearing the other one.

jeans will indeed be way too hot. A pair of loose trousers and one long skirt, three tops. Mossie repellent.

oh, and one fleece for plane/bus/aircon places. A sunhat. Seven pairs of knickers; change after your evening shower.


Chocolateteabag Mon 18-May-15 18:06:47

Buy some branded stuff on eBay, then sell it on again as soon as you get back.

I'd get a couple of sun dresses which you can wear in evening too, 2-3 t-shirts, pair shorts and a long skirt. Travel in loose trousers vest and a cardigan

Boden, white Stuff, White Company etc will all sell back and if you take decent pictures and list carefully you should get most of your money back

hairhelpplease Mon 18-May-15 19:21:13

Thank you. eBay is a good idea.

Bombinate Tue 19-May-15 08:01:40

If you are prone to mossies sundresses and leggings for evenings. mossies are vicious in Corfu.

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