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If you do the OCM, where do you get your oils?

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I'm converting to doing the OCM, currently have a bottle of Una Brennan from Boots but I'd like to make my own.

Where do you get your oils from? I have oily/sensitive/slightly spotty skin & have read up on it but am suspicious of buying online...

Particularly want to get some tamanu oil to sort my post-blemish marks, any suggestions?

FluffyCubs Wed 13-May-15 06:25:11

Hey, I started this a year ago. I use extra virgin olive oil and leave it on for a few mins, it works like a charm!

Follow up with rosehip oil from fushi (Amazon) and my skin looks glowing, always now. If you want oils, go to fushi, it's fantastic organic stuff and customer service is fab. My skin is dehydrated, lined and generally dry and it's done wonders for me. Some people like to dilute the rh oil though, but my skin has massively benefitted. It's always glowing now.

And don't bother buying fancy flannels, like dermaflannel, you can get exactly the same in household section ..... Again, on Amazon.

I'm not getting fancy flannels... I've ordered a pack of Cheeky Wipes! Thought I'd be better off getting something I can use just once or twice then chuck in the wash, as I'm a bit spotty, I don't want to encourage the spot germs.

Will check out Fushi for oils, thanks. I have a decent oil shop within reasonable distance but they don't stock tamanu.

MrsFlorrick Wed 13-May-15 19:33:42

Akamuti. Every time. A small fair trade Welsh company. Organic oils too

PolyesterBride Thu 14-May-15 17:57:45

Me too Akamuti. It's really good.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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