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C Hirons fans: Desperate and need help!

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Lndnmummy Tue 12-May-15 14:03:01

Hi everyone,

I have been through a few years which have really taken their toll, mentally and it shows on my face. I need some help
I am 37 with not so fine lines, I also have terribly dehydrated skin which does get congested and also out of nowhere enlarged pours have appeard all over my face. To top off this lovely combination - I have redness on my cheeks and a fairly limited budget.

Please help me - with everything! I am particularly interested in the acid toner aspects and all these acids. Please can you suggest products for me to help me build a routine. I would truly appreciate it.

nilbyname Tue 12-May-15 14:10:03

I use 'balance me' face balm in the morning or organic surge face exfoliate.
Then I use a serum- Clinique is nice
Then I use a moisturiser- Jason but c skin brightening one.
If I am going out out I then might use Claris Beaty flash balm as a primer then go in with makeup. Otherwise just the moisturiser and then some make up.

At night I use
Simple eye make up remover
Then I oil cleanse it's sweet almond oil.
Then a serum
Then Vichy lift activ night cream or
The sanctuary rose hip face oil

Once a week I do a glypcolic peel, I get it online from Bavura.

Use the Caroline Hirons cheat sheet as a starting point?

Kundry Tue 12-May-15 16:12:27

Hi - come and join us on the amazing faces thread - everyone there is CH crazy!

What products do you use already, then we can build from there.

You are looking at:

1 or 2 (not everyone double cleanses) bland non foaming cleansers
An acid toner
Possibly a hydrating toner - not everyone does this
Serum - something that adds ingredients missing elsewhere
Moisturiser +/- SPF in the morning - you need an SPF, some of us use it as a separate product, some don't

In the evening the same plus a retinol product and without the SPF.

What have you got so far and do you like it?

TheGruffal0 Tue 12-May-15 16:34:21

Lndnmummy... are we the same person?? Stress related ageing sucks as it is a constant reminder of all that has been. Watching with interest!

cocoblu Tue 12-May-15 16:47:09

You could be me! same age as you and very similar skin type,

I currently use boots organics cleansing balm in the am, removed with a muslin or a face flannel
then I use a serum, at the moment I'm using okay 3 point serum which I really like, also used the blue vichy one,;followed by any moisturiser with an spf, currently the super drug apple one
evening,;I remove eye makeup with micellar water, then double cleanse with the boots balm and then good things creamy cleanser which I really like, I used either the clearasell pads or nip and tuck glycolic pads for the acid stage, followed by the boots organic rosewater spritz to hydrate and then a facial oil, currently sanctuary facial oil, my skin is the best it's ever been but this has all be through trial and error!

Lndnmummy Tue 12-May-15 17:04:46

Aww thanks all, seems a few of us are in the same boat.
Kundry I was hoping youd find me! Saw your advice on the other threads.

So i have a few things but lack in the toner/serum/treatment arena and I have no routine what so ever.

I cleanse with

Bodyshop chamomille oil cleanser or the superdrug radiance thingy. I also have boots botanics micellear water and and Elemis cream cleanser. I alternate these but often end up using baby wipes (ssshhhh).
My face cream is an Avene soothing cream.

Thats it, then I put make up on top to mask sleepless nights, work stress, beravement and too mich wine and coffee:

I look awful. Dont mind growing old gracefully but there is nothing graceful about me at the makes me feel sad and down.

Please help

nilbyname Tue 12-May-15 17:19:54

It's the babyqipes!!! They are like a Brillo pad-bin bin bin

I use my kids very old and very soft Muslins that have been quartered to wash with. They work wonderfully.

I don't use an acid toner, but on pay day in going to get that pixi stuff.

TheGruffal0 Tue 12-May-15 17:33:34

Lndnmummy I'm also hoping to establish a routine as a result of this thread since I am totally haphazard, but if its of any interest the changes that have made a significant difference to my [exact same as your] skin so far have been dietary.

Kundry Tue 12-May-15 18:37:18

OK I'll answer one but I can only handle one thread, you'll have to come over to amazing faces grin

CH loves a balm cleanser, preferably two. She is nuts about Clinique Take the Day Off and Emma Hardie Moringa. At heart I am more of a Sam Bunting who isn't into double cleansing as she says it's too much and always goes for Cetaphil, Avene Extremely Gentle or LRP Physiological Cleansing Gel. What they both have in common is avoiding foaming cleansers, scrubs, particles and beads and claims about ingredients in cleanser - the stuff is on your face for less than a minute, it can cleanse but nothing else.

So on that score your cleanser is prob fine. I only double cleanse if I wear makeup when I use a micellar water first, followed by a cleanser, I like both the Cetaphil and the LRP, not tried the Avene.

You are missing an acid toner which is prob going to make the biggest difference at first as you have combination skin. As you also have redness and might be on the rosacea spectrum I'd stick to salicylic acid, not glycolic or lactic. Budget wise your best option will be the Clearasil pads. You could go for Clinique Mild Exfoliating Lotion - personally it's OK but not that strong, I preferred the Paula's Choice 2% BHA.

Hydrating toner- can't help you here, I haven't done this! But if you are tending to spots and redness, if I had to pick one it would be Serozinc. But it isn't the most crucial thing.

Serum - would change everything else first one at a time before adding a serum. For lines and hydration Hylamide is great. On the other thread we have discussed at length how Hydraluron didn't do much, gave a tacky feeling and worst of all had the same ingredients as the Aldi Serum everyone loves for about £3 shock Ultra budget option = Aldi, bigger budget option = Hylamide. Just don't knock half of it on the floor like I did angry

Moisturiser - if you are tending to spots and redness, Sam Bunting would have you stick to oil free. I love my Cerave. Other options would be Cetaphil moisturiser or something from Avene or LRP, both have anti-redness options for oily/combination skin. Lots of love for CLinique Moisture Surge on the other thread too.

SPF - most important to help stop things getting worse. Do you already know if you react to chemical sunscreens? LRP Anthelios is v popular.

Finally at night think about adding a retinol like LRP Redermic or Avene Ystheal. It's the only thing that will help thicken your skin so giving more support to your pores to make them smaller, and add collagen to your skin preventing wrinkles. But don't do everything at once. Pick one product, add it in and then wait 2-3 weeks so you know you are alright with it before adding another.

Phew. See you on the other thread grin

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