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If I'm 5'8" and I want to wear size 18, what weight do I need to be?

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Reiltin Mon 11-May-15 22:34:29

I think I need to be about 14st but I've plucked that kinda out of thin air! Anyone got a better idea? Thanks smile

scarlettsmummy2 Mon 11-May-15 22:38:32

Sounds about right! I was 12.5 stone and was a 14, and am 5'8' but will depend on your build.

RavioliOnToast Mon 11-May-15 22:58:41

I'm 5" 4, size 14-16 and weigh 15st 3.5lbs.

BikeRunSki Mon 11-May-15 23:06:43

I am 5'8" and when I was 14.5 -15 stone, I was a size 18.

FelixFelix Mon 11-May-15 23:10:20

I think it totally depends on your body shape. I am 5ft 4 and a size 16 at 14st, and an 18 at around 14 and a half or slightly higher.

ishouldcocoa Mon 11-May-15 23:13:17

I'm 5'7", weigh 13 stone ( and heading south from there) and am a 16/18. It depends which shop and which size you're talking about. I'm an hourglass shape.

Kleptronic Mon 11-May-15 23:18:00

Totally agree it depends on body shape. I'm 5ft 9 and 11.5 st and a 12. Just about. Some cuts/styles I have to go for a 14 because they're tight on my hips (or ribs, if empire line) but 14s gape on the bust, and are a bit baggy on the hips.

I'm a size 13 grin

GrimDamnFanjo Mon 11-May-15 23:51:03

It's going to depend on where you shop too!

Varies. I'm a 5' 4" hourglass (v busty one!) I was a size 12 at 12 and a half stone. I do have strong legs (and everything else) though

53Dragon Tue 12-May-15 00:02:08

I'm 5'9" and I think I was size 18 between about 14 and 15 stone. Pleased to be a 12/14 now at about 12 stone.

OneLittleLady Tue 12-May-15 00:04:49

well, i'm 4' 11'' and over 15 stone and i'm a size L or 14/16 in some things i can just get away with a 12 or M but only in certain dresses. at 18 stone i was a size 18/20. I have a mid size bust and big hips and am an hourglass shape blush

Agrestic Tue 12-May-15 00:15:21

When I was 14.4 I was an 18, 5ft6.

Agrestic Tue 12-May-15 00:16:41

I'm a 12/14 now and 10.8, so as you can see it does vary!

BadcatBertram Tue 12-May-15 00:22:17

I was a size 18 when I was 16 stone. I'm 5 '9 and Apple shaped.

AmelieinOz Tue 12-May-15 00:57:06

I was 15 stones when I was a size 18. 5'6".

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