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workwear in new company

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SuperFlyHigh Mon 11-May-15 16:12:03

Starting a new job as legal PA/sec in 2-3 weeks. The firm will be young (I'm a youngish 43) and quite smart. The boss is very dynamic and used to be a city banker and at a guess about 30 or so.

where I work now in same role its more smart/casual - anything goes even leggings. i can get away with most things day to day but I sometimes feel I'm too casual.

I also want to set up a small business on the side (not related to my work) so need ideas for meetings - this needs to be similar sort of outfits to my new job.

Right now I tend to wear:-

cropped black trousers
pin striped trousers
occasional dress (smart workwear) from eg Zara but with a splash of colour in it.
I also have the odd Fenn Wright Manson dress that is nice for everyday/meetings etc... and looks good with jackets.

I have bought a few things over the past year eg smarter stuff like black with white piping jacket from H&M etc... a grey skirt suit from Warehouse, pastel zipped blouse from Warehouse etc. I also have TM Lewin shirts, Karen Millen cream blouses etc.

but all my other stuff is either smart skirt suit (Reiss), some workwear dresses (H&M and Mango Suit).

I have a really nice wool cropped black and white sort of jacket thing from Miss Selfridge not super smart but you could get away with wearing it to work.

I don't want to spend a fortune but I don't want to stick out and look dated.


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