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Anyone remember Body Shop Ananya perfume?

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Bavmorda Sun 10-May-15 21:38:35

Is there a perfume that smells similar? I don't think the Body Shop stocks it anymore and it was always one of my favourites.

spookyskeleton Sun 10-May-15 21:41:32

God yes, had totally forgotten about it but now you have mentioned it, it brings back memories of my university days in the early 90's as this was my fave perfume... Never really liked white musk that everyone else used. Can't remember what it smelt like though - probably quite sweet as my taste of perfume is definitely on the sweet/fruity side.

StrawberryCheese Sun 10-May-15 21:45:04

Yes and I'm pretty sure my mum still has some of the body lotion in her cupboard!

MimsyBorogroves Sun 10-May-15 21:45:43

Was my favourite too. I had one of the perfume sticks. Amazing stuff.

SirChenjin Sun 10-May-15 21:47:10

Yes - this was one of my favourites. Haven't come across one that smells similar though, sadly

MoustacheofRonSwanson Sun 10-May-15 22:25:32

I loved it. And Eau de Gucci, also sadly discontinued. Most new perfumes are massively too sweet for me now.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Sun 10-May-15 22:27:17

Buy Eau de Gucci on ebay though (lots till knocking about in Greece) and quick ebay search showed plenty Ananya still kicking around

Valsoldknickers Sun 10-May-15 22:38:48

I used to love Ananya too Bavmorda.

L'Occitane's Néroli and Orchidée range is very similar IMO. Just went out to the bathroom to sniff some body lotion to confirm it in my head before posting! It's gorgeous! grin

NightsOfGethsemane Sun 10-May-15 22:50:27

Oh yes! I went to an all girls high school in the 1990s. Wearing a Body Shop fragrance was practically obligatory and I much preferred Ananya to White Musk.

Milllli Sun 10-May-15 22:53:50

I loved Amber oil.

Bavmorda Sun 10-May-15 22:55:28

Thanks Val I'll try the local l'Occitane shop (having never even been inside before!)

HoneyDragon Sun 10-May-15 22:57:05

Japanese Musk was mine. I wish they'd bring the perfume oils back.

DisgustingNamechange Sun 10-May-15 22:58:24

I have some Ananya body lotion. It's gorgeous. I can't find anything that smells even remotely similar. Why on earth did they discontinue it?

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 10-May-15 23:07:02

Japanese Musk was mine. I wish they'd bring the perfume oils back
Yy, HoneyDragon, I used to love the big round mirror stand and all the glass bottles. I would be so happy if I could go back in time and smell them all again and be young

OOAOML Sun 10-May-15 23:10:48

I loved the perfume oils. I used to wear the apple one.

CaptainAnkles Sun 10-May-15 23:12:53

Oh, I loved going in and smelling all those perfume oils. What is a dewberry anyway?

maz1979 Sun 10-May-15 23:47:43

Wow just remembered I got this for my 16th birthday . Would love to smell it again

mandy214 Sun 10-May-15 23:50:10

I loved this. The oil used to last all day.

Jermajesty Sun 10-May-15 23:52:55

I was on The Body Shop website earlier and they still do some perfume oils:

Cutehs2 Sat 06-Jun-15 10:43:15

Ananya perfume oil can be found on eBay. Thankfully, i still have two full bottles of this gorgeous smelling perfume oil. smile

bwow Sat 06-Jun-15 10:48:43

Yes! It was the signature scent of all my highschool friends! I asked someone the other week if they were wearing it and looked completely bewildered. I assumed anyone around my age would have know it and worn it.

bwow Sat 06-Jun-15 10:51:21

I believe boots body mists, the vanilla and musk were also popular. I used to love the boots sugarplum lip salve and the red currant one, does anyone remember those?

MamaLazarou Sat 06-Jun-15 10:58:10

If anyone loved the Body Shop Lotus perfume (as I did), Lush's Death and Decay (terrible name) is almost identical.

I used to love going in and whiffing all the oils from those big glass bottles. Remember you used to be able to buy plain bath oil and choose a perfume to be added?

HellKitty Sat 06-Jun-15 11:01:10

I used to love Ananya! Only The midwife wore some when I went into labour with PFB, it was a very long labour, touch and go (for me). I had to be washed down afterwards - placental haemorrhage and my epidural was still working so the MW used some stuff in my bag. It was all Ananya. I think smelling it again would bring back painful and scary memories!

PetiteBateau Sat 06-Jun-15 11:11:05

I used to wear ananya in the late 80's / early 90's too , I loved it. Sometimes I worse spiritual sky frankincense oil too. Would live to smell those again. I think body shop brought ananya back for a while a few years ago, only for it to disappear again

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