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I need to get back into fashion. Please help me do it Mumsnet!

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Felicitysfriend Sun 10-May-15 08:46:39

After a couple of years of living and working out in the sticks, I have just returned to London and I feel so frumpy and out of fashion. I have literally not paid any attention to fashion for the last 5 years and have become so out of touch.

I want to buy a few new clothes, I don't have loads of money but could probably stretch to £500 to build the foundations of a new wardrobe. What should I buy? I would rather the emphasis be on fewer, high quality pieces that will last rather than bulk buying loads of rubbish. What is in fashion and likely to still be fashionable for the foreseeable future? Or classic pieces that will not date.

Just to add, that I don't want to be a cutting edge fashionista - I just don't want to be an out of fashion frump. I can wear pretty much what I want to work as long as it is smart(ish) but the place I work is pretty conservative so I wouldn't feel comfortable dressing in anything too crazy.

I have just started wearing scarves but now my friend says scarves are old news and going out of fashion so is it worth investing in some nice scarves or not? Same with skinny jeans. It's like I am so behind the trends as soon as I "discover" anything it goes out of fashion the following week! I need some new shoes to replace Converse which are 6 years old - what should I go for?

Also can anyone recommend any blogs I could follow? Again, not cutting edge stuff just normal fashion blogs.

BTW I am 35, 5 foot 6 tall and a size 8/10.


RickOShay Sun 10-May-15 10:02:48

I am no guru honestly. If I were you I would have a marathon trying on session, perhaps go to Zara, Topshop, Gap and Hennes. You have an ideal figure, so try and find out what you like and get your own style going.
At the moment I like silk shirts and proper denim jeans, I still wear skinnies but want to buy some flares. I also like structured jackets.
I don't follow blogs, but do look at what other women are wearing and sometimes emulate parts of their look. Go and enjoy, don't be afraid to experiment. grin

workadurka Sun 10-May-15 10:45:05

I wouldn't try to go "fashion".

Being in London you are really lucky to have a wealth of shops on your doorstep like Cos, & Other Stories, Finery, Uniqlo etc that you don't get in smaller cities or towns so I would go and look round them and try a load of stuff on. We are same age/height/size and I like those above plus Zara, some Gap, or Whistles if I'm splashing out. Sometimes H&M for cheap stuff.

I tend to wear tapered/peg/skinny trousers with shirts & simple blouses tucked in and ankle boots or pointed flats to work. Very occasionally a dress with boots.

Home wear I still wear skinnies a lot with shirts or oversized jumpers (I feel the cold, come on summer!). I would wear boyfriend jeans but can't find a pair that fits hmm. For summer I have a bunch of dresses.

Shoes - I see a lot of people wearing those slip on trainers but have a feeling they're on their way out. I wear boots in winter and flat sandals in summer mainly so don't know about replacing Converse (they kill my feet so I avoid).

I do wear scarves sometimes but they aren't very fashion. I wear them for a bit of much needed extra colour near my face tbh. Work out what colours suit you as there are loads of lovely colours in the shops at the moment so you can just make a beeline for the ones you like and avoid all the ones that won't look good.

I try to avoid synthetic materials too. I've found I always go off those first.

burnishedsilver Sun 10-May-15 10:57:39

Skinny jeans are still around. They are on the way out but a long term replacement has yet to emerge. The battle of the flare, boyfriend, girlfriend and whatever aw15 brings isn't over. Personally, I think you should try them all on and go for whatever works for you but don't spend big on jeans just now.

Pick a random blog eg does my bum look 40, follow the links to the blogs she likes, then follow the links to the blogs they like. You should find a few that suit you.

Goodwordguide Sun 10-May-15 11:11:00

Get some dresses and white shirts from Cos and & other stories. Linen shirts from Uniqlo are good value and great for weekends.

I like hush, toast and me + em ( latter is good for work) but wait til they have sales as they are over priced otherwise. I tend to wear navy dresses for work with nice (not expensive - Zara etc) jewellery and a range of shoes to vary it.

I like Laura fantacci's blog and the frugality - they get slated here for being too designer but I like Laura's basic approach eg, wear white, buy nice flats, cross-body bag, red accessories, big earrings etc. Ignore all her 'don't wear tights and buy a Chanel bag' nonsense.

Avoid leggings, trainers and anything floral - I think stripes and geometric prints look more modern and less frumpy (on average - there are probably some fab floral prints out there, they're just not very me). I agree scarves are a bit dates but they are just too practical to not wear! I tend to get oversized ones - goose is good for cashmere on sale.

Felicitysfriend Sun 10-May-15 16:31:34

Thanks all flowers
Some good tips

Twinklestein Sun 10-May-15 18:31:18

Your friend is wrong about scarves - scarves are scarves.

Skinnies have been around so long they're now classic rather than edgy, flares are big right now so you can wear either.

I like Zara, Uniqlo, J Crew, LK Bennett, Whistles, Agnes B, Asos has a wide range of stuff price and stylewise.

I can't stand Cos or Toast but that's a personal thing.

BadgersArse Sun 10-May-15 18:33:15

your mate sounds hopeless - make her take you shopping to shut her up

Twinklestein Sun 10-May-15 18:34:36

I think it's really worth having 1 really good dress. My fav for dresses is DvF, which if you're on a budget you can buy in eBay. Hoss Intropia is also good for dresses.

Madbengalmum Sun 10-May-15 18:52:32

Saying scarves are going out of fashion, is like saying belts, earrings or necklaces are going out of fashion.
Whilst there are dated scarves there are many modern ones, they are just another way of accessorising.

Twinklestein Sun 10-May-15 18:56:04


SpecificOcean Sun 10-May-15 19:22:27

Get rid of the stuff that makes you feel frumpy.
Then go shopping and buy things that suits/fits you, you like and fits your lifestyle.
Then you will start to develop your own style and confidence and you wont need to bother what your friend thinks.
Pinterest, youtube videos could be a start.

Felicitysfriend Wed 13-May-15 20:07:14

I've had some free time this week so I have thrown out all the old frumpy clothes.
I have been shopping (twice!) and now have a lovely new wardrobe full of clothes. I have spent £600 so a bit more than I hoped but am pleased with what I got:

2x jeans - black skinny and dark blue straight leg. Spent a bit on these as I have had cheap jeans in the past and they have always been rubbish.

Two silk t-shirts from Tiger of Sweden (via TK Maxx). Will be lovely for work in the summer or can wear with jeans.

DKNY denim dress - TK Maxx

Jersey dress - DVF via TK Maxx

Two casual short sleeve cotton shirts in blue and in white - TK Maxx

Funky scarf (goes with the shirts)

Pale sandy coloured long cardigan from Ghost - will go with most things

Loafers - really soft leather can't wait to wear.

New loungewear from Uniqlo - bottomsx2, Tshirts x2 and a hoody. Now I will be stylish when DH comes home from work!

Black pencil skirt and black straight leg trousers from uniqlo - for work

3 blouses from Uniqlo - cream, bright purple and red, also for work or with jeans

Hopefully some good basics to get me started again. I felt great in my new skirt and blouse today grin

workadurka Thu 14-May-15 06:34:22

Brilliant, sounds like a pretty good haul for £600. You should start your own blog ;)

PrimroseEverdeen Thu 14-May-15 09:20:01

Sounds lovely. Where did you get your loafers from?

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