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Please recommend me some decent yet cheap make up brushes.

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CoconutAmericano Fri 08-May-15 11:51:05

I have never used them before but I've been watching some you tube videos and I would love to try using a couple of eye shadow brushes and maybe a stippling brush too. I would like a Mac 217 dupe and the slightly larger version too ( don't know the number).

Can anyone recommend a cheaper but decent quality version of these please?

Imwoodword Fri 08-May-15 11:52:24

I love the Real Techniques brushes, they also have a blog called Pixiwoo. The stippling brush is my favourite ever for foundation application.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Fri 08-May-15 11:55:57


Germgirl Fri 08-May-15 12:02:25

I second Real Techniques. Also, if you want super-cheap, the MUA ones at Superdrug aren't too bad for the money.

CoconutAmericano Fri 08-May-15 12:09:20

Ok great ladies, thanks. Im going to google these now

mysteryfairy Fri 08-May-15 12:09:32

Look on Amazon at the real techniques brushes as the kits are amazingly cheap on there

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 08-May-15 13:09:06

Real Techniques smile

Indecisivejo Fri 08-May-15 15:01:42

Another vote for real techniques

CoconutAmericano Fri 08-May-15 15:27:26

Wow the Real Techniques come highly rated I see smile and they're sold in Boots too so happy days.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 08-May-15 15:41:58

Half the price on Amazon though!

FelixFelix Fri 08-May-15 15:45:35

I recently bought a Real Techniques set from Amazon on special offer for a tenner. It has a foundation buffing brush, contour brush, lip brush (I use it for concealer) and a foundation brush. They are really good quality, I'm very impressed. I've previously bought brushes from E.L.F too which are fab and really cheap.

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