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Mascara making my eyes itchy - guess I need a new one? Any recommendations?

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berri Fri 08-May-15 11:22:25

I've only had it about a month! It was an expensive EL one too hmm What are you using at the moment, and do you like it?

Carpaccio Fri 08-May-15 11:37:27

If I were you, I would contact the Estee Lauder customer services about it.

I like Estee Lauder Doublewear and the L'Oreal beauty tubes mascara - it comes in a red and white tube with two ends, primer and mascara. I don't bother with the primer, but the mascara itself is very good.

berri Fri 08-May-15 13:37:34

Yes I may as well I guess, I have no receipt but if I'm lucky they could swap it or something. Will try the double wear in the meantime, thanks.

ohidoliketobe Fri 08-May-15 14:54:39

No7 do a sensitive eyes one which I've found to be pretty good when my allergies have flared up

Allie82 Fri 08-May-15 21:15:31

Maybelline the rocket or lancome hypnose are my favourites

Skinheadmermaid Fri 08-May-15 22:54:05

L'oreal do a mascara specifically for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It comes in a grey and gold tube.
Do you have hay fever?

berri Sun 10-May-15 10:31:42

I don't think it's hayfever, as it doesn't happen when I don't wear mascara...

I'm going to take it in tomorrow and see what they say. In the meantime I've bought the Loreal one so will see if that seems ok when I put it on shortly!

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