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How often do you wear 'party' clothes?

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CapnMurica Thu 07-May-15 21:49:29

I have a lovely dress which I have worn once for a hen night. It was about this time last year I think. I have another I wore for the wedding.

I don't go out often, and even if I do, it's more of a jeans and nice top type evening than full out glam.

I am hoping to be invited to another friend's wedding this year, and either dress would be fine for the time of year. But, it will be the same set of people going (they are work folk) and I can't help thinking I will be making a massive faux pas by wearing them again? I mean of course, if all goes to plan I will have lost two stone by then hmm but if not, will I look like a complete pleb? Will I be Judged?

BTW they are just high street but I'm loathe to spend money on something I will wear once!

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