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Rockers - where do you shop?

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thecatsm0ther Thu 07-May-15 11:03:59

I've lost my way, become a bit mumsy and would like to find my style again.

I'm into rock and used to wear jeans and tshirts. Having looked around (virtually) I can't find what I want. The jeans seem to all be fashionable/skinnies or very expensive and nowhere has the sort of tshirts I like. I don't want the full blown rock chick corset tops, but equally I don't want to just wear band tshirts, I'd like something more feminine, ideally with a scoop neck and not just in black, although grey is fine.

Anyone have the same sort of style/taste?

I'm 50, size 14/16, 5'7, dark brown hair.

Nabootique Thu 07-May-15 11:08:45

Can you find a picture of someone whose style you like for reference?

MonstersBalls Thu 07-May-15 11:09:13

I quite like All Saints. They're selling leather jackets at the moment that are identical to what I wore in the 80's!

ShadowsShadowsEverywhere Thu 07-May-15 11:23:08

I was just thinking the other day that we need a rock/goth/alternative thread in S&B. I'm a goth/rock/steampunk/alternative dresser, not quite as much black as I used to wear and I've toned it down slightly since having DCs. I've given up completely on buying clothes from anywhere highstreet. Ten years ago I used to be able to go into River Island for long skirts and boots, somewhere else for good jackets etc and now they all seem to stock exactly the same stuff in every single shop. I've resorted to charity shop buys and making my own skirts. I've also got good at adapting standard clothes, making a dress into a skirt or cutting into a skirt and inserting lace panels to make it fuller and more gothy. Tops are still a bit of an issue though, I'm sticking to the safety net of a black or dark blue vest top with cardigan/jacket/waistcoat over because I dont want to spend extortionate amounts on online "alternative" stores which charge £30 for a black top with a skull on it or official band tshirts which don't fit properly and cost a bomb. Its frustrating and I feel your pain OP.

ShadowsShadowsEverywhere Thu 07-May-15 11:25:10

The only thing I do willingly spend money on is boots. Demonias and docs are still just as good quality as ever and haven't become mainstream even though they've risen in popularity.

ZiltoidTheOmniscient Thu 07-May-15 11:50:53

I spend more money on the things I wear often, so they set the tone and are likely to last. That generally means: Dr Marten boots; Diesel jeans; Thomas Sabo jewellery; All Saints jackets and belts.

I tend to buy black, navy, and grey viscose jersey waterfall cardigans from anywhere cheap. Similarly toned cowl necked viscose jersey tops for layering from H&M. Cotton/elastane vest tops for layering from Primark. Skinny cords in navy and cranberry from M&S. Black and grey tube skirts and bodycon dresses for layering from River Island or similar. Other bits and pieces from ebay and charity shops.

Fabulassie Thu 07-May-15 11:51:48

I'm 45 and into metal. Band shirts usually suck because they rarely have women's cuts. They make me look like a slightly lumpy adolescent boy.

However, they can be modified in many ways. I am not particularly handy with that sort of thing so all I do is but out the neck and shorten the sleeves. I googled how to do it and picked an easy method. It requires a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat. You just cut the neck using a large dinner plate as a guide, then cut the sleeves straight down a few inches shorter. Since I have a ton of band shirts it was a worthwhile investment.

If you don't really care about wearing a particular band shirt, there are lots of cute rock-chick tops with tattoo-inspired motifs on involving hearts, skulls, wings, etc.

Cool boots can definitely make the look. I am not a shoe-loving girl so I mostly wear converse or doc martins. But many of my friends go in for the more Goth boots.

A leather motorcycle jacket is a great thing to have - I love mine because it has so many pockets that I don't need to carry a purse. You can find one on eBay for less than in shops and if it's old and battered, so much the better, IMO.

I am plain compared to many of my friends - I don't do the "rock vixen" look with my tits out or corsets and lots of straps and buckles. Nor do I have purple dreadlocks or wear goth makeup. But I know many women who do - many my age or older - and I think they look fab.

thecatsm0ther Thu 07-May-15 13:44:43

Thanks for the tips smile

Lovely jackets on the All Saints website, but way out of my budget at the moment unfortunately. That's ok for now though, I tend to wear a lot of long or waterfall cardigans in various shades of grey most of the time.

What cut of jeans do you buy from Diesel, Ziltoid?

I'll have a look on Pinterest for someone who's style I admire.

Yes to having a rock/goth/steampunk etc thread on S&B. The clothes in most high street stores are sooooo boring and identical ...

Yes, I go into every charity shop I can find, although in our small local town they're not great. Need to get into Leeds to look there I think!

I've lost my confidence too, I'm no longer a size 10, but between 14 and 16 and lumpy!

I never really know what skirts I want to wear, have a few black knee length tube ones which I quite like with black tights or leggings and boots.

I'm not really into shoes, I have a pair of converse and some lovely ankle boots I bought in the sale this year and some lace up ankle boots for the winter, some not so great knee length boots - my favourites started to fall apart this year unfortunately and I thought I'd bought something similar, but don't like them so much.

Thanks for the tip about adapting a crew neck tshirt, that is great. I don't have a rotary cutter, but guess I could manage with marking in chalk and cutting with scissors.

tbh I do most of my shopping on Ebay because I never find anything on the high street that I like, so I'm quite happy to search around on there.

Fabulassie Thu 07-May-15 14:21:24

A rotary cutter can be bought for not too much money and if you wear a lot of shirts it's a worthwhile investment.

ZiltoidTheOmniscient Thu 07-May-15 14:40:28

Re. jeans: normally the straight cut, but I've had some in a relaxed skinny style as well. I always buy mine from outlets, so I just go for whatever is reasonably priced and looks right on me. They last a long time and look better as they get older, so I think they're worth the outlay grin.

MsMcWoodle Thu 07-May-15 15:16:57

Threadless t shirts are a really nice shape. Slightly scooped neck and slightly fitted at the waist. Plus you support the artists who create the designs. We import in bulk from the US. But I believe they are in the uk now too.
Loads of designs. Some awful, lots that are great.

Pumpkinette Thu 07-May-15 16:34:47

I buy loads of stuff everytime the fashion industry does a rock chick / punk look revival and then make do until the next time it comes around (generally every 5 years).

In between I just buy basic tops in black, red or green for top ups or occasionally some overpriced stuff in those shops aimed at the teenage goth / rock / metal kids. Normal shops do get the occasional thing in now and again that works well. I would also suggest eBay and etsy if you are looking for something specific. Oh and the 50's style is quite popular just now - some of that stuff can work well with the rock chick look. (Tops, cardies etc)

ShadowsShadowsEverywhere Thu 07-May-15 18:17:14

T shirts I just cut with scissors?? The sort of material that say primark t shirts are made from doesn't actually fray so I've got some black tshirts from there that I cut a few inches off (really long and I'm quite short of body!) and three years later they haven't frayed at a all, I've not hemmed them or anything, just cut neatly across the bottom.

Tights! I forgot about those. I've got a load of interesting ones. Some fishnets in various colours, a cobweb design, some lace effect ones and some purple rose ones. They look really good with a bog standard black skirt and boots, and inject a tiny bit of colour to break up all the black.

Fabulassie Thu 07-May-15 20:41:00

Primark is a wonderful source of clothes - lots of basics in all sorts of colours as well as some really fun quirky stuff.

thecatsm0ther Fri 08-May-15 08:58:34

Ziltoid, how are diesel jeans size wise? if I'm a 16 in trousers, but more because of my waist than my bum, what size might I need? Are the waist measurements given accurate?

thecatsm0ther Fri 08-May-15 21:50:38

I guess there aren't many people with similar taste on here..

I can't find a photo of anyone with the sort of style I like either.

Basically I want jeans that aren't fashionable skinnies, but just .. jeans, as we used to wear them, I guess straight cut, t shirts that have suitable pics on, i.e cross, wings etc as stated above by PP, or band t shirts, but with a flattering cut and neckline, and not just in black, preferably in dark grey, a jacket that is suitable for a size 16, that isn't cropped or a blazer, but also not a bikers leather - they don't suit me confused

Smarterthantheaveragebeaver Fri 08-May-15 22:40:32

I was in a similar predicament a couple of weeks ago. Was going out to a rock night for the first time in, like, forever and didnt know what to wear. Ended up getting a t shirt mini dress with kimono style sleeves from asos and some stiletto cowboy style suede calf length boots, worn with natual coloured tights. Ive since worn the boots/dress with black skinny jeans. Also the dress with opaque tights and DMs. So deffo a good investment of £25 grin

I try and steer clear of fishnet/lacy/patterned/tights as theyre not generally very flattering (on me anyway)

For t shirts, have you looked at Truffle Shuffle? They do a ladies fit for a lot of band t shirts, mostly with the naff crew necks already cut off. They sell mostly Amplified Vintage t shirts.

I bought a lovely denim jacket from FatFace recently too - proper length, not cropped.

As for jeans, Diesel tend to be very small in the waist and very long in the leg. Top Shop or River Island generally have loads of choice. I like RI "Molly" style, skinny but quite flattering

teejayem Fri 08-May-15 22:45:54

Surprisingly enough forever 21 has a good selection of 90s grunge style bits, plaid shirts, jeans, ripped woolies, crochet, lots of grey, pinafore dresses etc. all very reasonable too! I went in looking for maxi dresses for post natal and came out with a load of stuff meaning I can continue dressing like its '94 after I've had my baby!

Skinheadmermaid Fri 08-May-15 23:04:38

I've bought a few bits and pieces from Ebay. Brands such as Banned and Iron Fist.
Sports Direct bizarrely have a few alternative brands atm;

leopard print cardigan
skull cami
Amplified top
skeleton bird blouse

Thats all stuff I would buy if I had any money. grin

LilQueenie Fri 08-May-15 23:29:22

There are some great diy tutorials on youtube that show you how to make your own style out of old clothes. Well worth a look.

thecatsm0ther Sat 09-May-15 17:02:34

I really can't sew or even cut straight tbh shock I went through dhs band t shirts last night, looking for one to cut up, but didn't dare.

thecatsm0ther Sat 09-May-15 17:05:08

Not bad things on Sports Direct, but not quite the neckline I'm looking for on most of them. Yes, Iron fist Abs Banned are good, but again can't find a motif I like in a colour I like with a neckline I like! I'm being too fussy ..

ImpatientGriselda2 Sat 09-May-15 19:59:25

Thanks to this thread, I got 4 band t-shirts today.

MrsEvadneCake Sat 09-May-15 20:04:17

They both stock great things.

thecatsm0ther Sun 10-May-15 00:55:26

Thanks, they look good smile I'll have a look through.

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