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what to wear to a hen weekend that I can wear again after?

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Hi ladies

Am going on my first been weekend tomorrow and want to buy some new clothes. Am looking at the budget end of things and has to be from a shop and not online because me being me, I have left it to the last second smile

I'm 25, 5"3 and about a size 14 with a large tummy and bust but relatively slim arms and legs. I need a couple of dresses for the evening and more casual stuff for day- ideally things I can wear for work after (smart jeans allowed)

Autumn2014 Thu 07-May-15 09:28:33

Hope someone will be along to give you the style advice but just wanted to say at least you don't have to wear fancy dress. My last hen party I had to dress up as a sexy school girl. I was 35 and didn't appreciate the theme!

Where are you going for the hen.?what activities are planned? Hope you have fun.

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