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Contouring - cream or powder?

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thetropicmama7 Wed 06-May-15 09:27:53

Not that I want to look too Kardashian-y but recent weight gain means I am wanting to define my face a bit more when doing my makeup. I use Naked on the run palette which has powder-based contour pans or the Studio 10 which is a mix. Looking into Contour Cosmetics which I believe is all cream. Would be grateful for others' advice on which works for them best. I have combo skin grin

Fabulassie Wed 06-May-15 10:27:24

There's a trend with the dramatic highlights and Kim K look. But as Wayne Goss likes to point out, this is a drag queen trick. It's meant to make male faces look feminine and drag queens are already pretty OTT and dramatic. Kim K is likewise OTT and dramatic. For the rest of us mere mortals, it may be better to stick to something more subtle.

As I said on the other contouring thread now active, I have tried the cream thing (using a chocolate brown cream foundation and a very pale concealer stick). The results were good, if what you're going for is "Joan Crawford on Dynasty"

I think I get a much more subtle look with powder contour (I use NYX blush in Taupe) and highlight withs something like a paler foundation or - in my case - Touche Eclat.

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