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Loosing the will to live buying bras...

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nobodysfool Tue 05-May-15 17:51:14

Can anybody point me in the right direction?
I have been measured at Bravissamo/Rigby and Peller recently and am wearing a size 32-34FF/G. Even the lovely ladies there had problem finding a good comfy fit on me. It seems I have very full boobs that come round quite far round my body and a very small gap inbetween them.
As I am only 5ft and short in the body the majority of bras either came up too high under my arm pit or the wires were too wide apart inbeween my boobs. The vast majority also cut across the front of my arm pit if that make any sense.
I have tried all the usual places and am looking at the Prima Donna range as my most comfy bra came from them but and scared rigid by the prices.
Any advice?

EuphemiaCoxton Tue 05-May-15 17:52:40

No advice but I feel your pain.
After many many many fittings everywhere I am yet to find a bra that fits.

nobodysfool Tue 05-May-15 17:57:40

Hi Euphemia - do you have the same 'problems' as me?

VacantExpression Tue 05-May-15 17:58:25

Bravissimmo have been my best fit but not perfect, coming far too high up my armpit. Its a nightmare, and I am differently proportioned than you, 5ft 5 and 38F/FF, but my problem is similar I am narrow in the shoulders but deep in the body hence needing 38, but my boobs are close together. Shoulder straps are my biggest nightmare (as my armpits are used to being uncomfortable). Good luck OP.

For quite close set breasts, the best brands I have found are Ewa Michalak and Comexim. Both polish direct order brands.

Some of the Ewas are very narrow, but the CHP and BM cuts I find wider and so might work and they're also not too tall. I think Comexim might be too narrow. Also, have you tried any of the Bravissimo own brand plunge bras? The Satine is quite shallow so I think wouldn't work, but the Kiss Kiss (there's a new version based in it, will try to find it!) might work as possibly might the unpadded ones (starburst/dixie etc). Half cup bras are also worth looking at as they tend to be shorter under the arm.

The other thing which is worth considering if you have any bras which fit except for the wires being too far apart is narrowing the gore. You basically take a small fold internally between the wires, sew a straight line of stitching (OK more than once, it's got to survive boobs!) which narrows the bit in the middle. It also has the effect of seeming to give more depth towards the inside edge of the cups which can help if you tend to spill over the middle.

I'm guessing that as you are quite short, you basically have boobs which are wide and full (an unusual-ish combo as most people who are wider are shallower and vica versa) but are making up for this by having boobs which aren't very tall.

EuphemiaCoxton Tue 05-May-15 18:47:12

I have a teeny tiny ribcage and my tits don't stick out they sort of grow around.
Bras either dig into the front of my rib cage as they are too deep or wrinkle underneath.
I also have scars at the front of my armpits.

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