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What do people wear nowadays when going to a bar?

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Thurlow Tue 05-May-15 16:08:46

I had this dilemma the other weekend. I can do work. I can do casual. I can do very dressy.

But I had absolutely nothing to wear when going out on a Saturday night to a nice bar.

Back in the day lets not think about how long ago I used to go out regularly it was good suck your tummy in jeans, heels and a 'nice' top.

But now I'm too lazy to wear heels and it was too cold to wear pumps. Plus 'nice' i.e. 'going out tops' seems to be an old fashioned concept nowadays blush

What do other people wear if they are just going out for a few drinks with friends but to somewhere nicer than the local pub?

BuggersMuddle Tue 05-May-15 16:26:22

I don't think it's changed all that much. Depends on the bar.

I was in a slightly trendy mixed gastro-pub / drinking establishment at the weekend. Navy skinnies, a patterned silk top and my trusty Rag & Bone ankle boots --just made sure they were polished). Blazer and a silk scarf for getting to / from pub. I just put on a bit more make-up, wore bigger jewellery (dangly earrings, statement bangle) and carried a smaller 'going out' bag.

My friends aren't terribly dressy though and nor is Edinburgh in general.

If I was going to a cocktail bar or was out in certain parts of London, I'd be more conventionally dressy.

I was actually bemoaning that I have a wardrobe fully of lovely dresses, but there are only a handful of 'day to night' type ones that I actually wear as otherwise I feel over-dressed...

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