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Please recommend cheap shampoos/conditioners

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Madmog Tue 05-May-15 09:56:19

Can anyone recommend any cheap shampoos or conditioners please which still leave your hair in a manageable condition. I normally use Herbal Essences (which I try to buy while on offer). However, money has become quite tight recently and will continue to be that way, so looking at anything I can cut back on.

JoanHickson Tue 05-May-15 10:00:37

Cheap Conditioner in my experience are just watered down. Have you tried watering down your normal brand?

Turquoiseblue Tue 05-May-15 10:19:16

I started usig coconut oil as a treatment in my hair ban it s great!
I tend to react to shampoos etc so can't get away with getting any old brand but the coconut oil has worked a treatsmile

GothicRainbow Tue 05-May-15 10:21:40

I use radox shower gel (the coconut one) it's 85p in tescos, smells great and if you get one of those shower puff things you only need a small amount so will last ages.

I have quite sensitive skin and it hasn't dried it out or caused a rash

Branleuse Tue 05-May-15 10:23:19

alberto balsam, the raspberry one. Its the only thing that works on my daughters hair.

Germgirl Tue 05-May-15 11:26:00

Definitely Alberto Balsam. I use the raspberry or coconut ones & find them as good as brands which cost ten times as much. They're usually £1 a bottle & often on 3 for 2 in Sainsburys & Tesco.

OneLittleLady Tue 05-May-15 11:44:39

alberto balsam is great if you need cheap. lots of different varieties for different hair types so plenty to choose from. always to be found in pound shops, which, speaking of those, you can usually get more expensive brands in pound shops as well and they are also great for basics like toothpaste, shower gels, hand washes, sponges, toothbrushes, and general household cleaning goods

LongDistanceLove Tue 05-May-15 11:55:09

I will also recommend Alberto Balsam, £1 a bottle. Does the job.

Lottie4 Tue 05-May-15 14:28:44

I also like Herbal Essences, and often put water in the bottle when I can't get any more out - it washes just as well, so as suggested by JoanHickson I'd suggest watering down your present one

Hathall Tue 05-May-15 14:31:45

Have you got a Savers or a good pound shop near you? They usually stock toiletries cheaper than supermarket.
I think it's better to scrimp on shampoo but get a good conditioner.

Tizwailor Tue 05-May-15 17:43:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tizwailor Tue 05-May-15 17:47:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lastlines Tue 05-May-15 17:47:57

Was going to recommend Herbal Essences or Alberto Balsam, often on sale at £1 stores. I noticed Flex in the pound store the other day. Not used it since my teens in 1980s but it smelled divine and made your hair thick and glossy. Gorgeous stuff. Worth trying its conditioner for £1.

MrsUltracrepidarian Tue 05-May-15 18:20:08

Went in for some other stuff and ended up impulse buying some ultra-cheap conditioner and serum. Serum was £1.50. Not used conditioner yet, but used serum today - fab, fab, fab! I have curly hair that tends to frizz, but today actually had glossy curls like I never normally have!

DaftSkunk Tue 05-May-15 22:02:52

Savers now have Naked shampoos and conditioners for £1 each which are good if you want sls free.

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