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Big day on Friday and three big spots are appearing, help!

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RattieofCatan Mon 04-May-15 21:36:31

Not really sure where else to post this, I assume this will be okay though?!

I have three big spots appearing on my cheek, what can I use to blitz them by Friday? They're firm and nothing is coming out of them. I've thrown TCP on them I'm avoiding mag sulphate as I want them to go away rather than surface! I normally wouldn't bother but I really don't want to be all spots and dots on Friday!

hobbynob Tue 05-May-15 22:33:20

I find Clearasil good in these circs. And then cover them up with Mac concealer. Good luck, Rattie. What's the occasion?

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 06-May-15 03:41:35

The superstrong clearasil with anti red is good, as is the Origins On The Spot treatment

DiDiddlyIDi Wed 06-May-15 04:50:43

Surgical spirit will dry them out. Hope that helps.
All the best for Friday

allowme Wed 06-May-15 05:25:03

Clearasil 4 hour cream in a little tube is amazing just keep applying throughout the day.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Wed 06-May-15 06:07:57

Ice pack to reduce swelling/redness and then something with salicylic acid in it, most clearasil stuff has this.

RattieofCatan Wed 06-May-15 09:22:21

Thanks! I'm buying clearasil later today. I have toothpaste on it at the moment. Not the best I know but it'll have to do.

hobby My wedding! I have a make up lady to hide what's left of it thankfully wink

hobbynob Thu 07-May-15 20:20:44

Congratulations Rattie! I hope you have a wonderful - and spotless - day!

skinnyamericano Thu 07-May-15 20:31:49

Slather in sudocrem as often as possible!

Congratulations And have a wonderful day !

skinnyamericano Thu 07-May-15 20:32:45

Just saw the toothpaste bit, I wouldn't as it made my skin peel.

BooChunky Thu 07-May-15 20:34:39

Do you have any fucidin? It clears mine up in less than a day!

RattieofCatan Thu 07-May-15 22:54:03

Thanks all!
I used clearasil which reduced it slightly and got rid of the crap under the surface. it actually scabbed over so I've been moisturising it today to try get the scab to heal.

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