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Wedding prep advice needed!

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sarahsinlondon Sun 03-May-15 21:43:03

I'm getting married later this month and despite resisting much of the bridal magazine cliches, I'm starting to think about some prep and need some advice as I'm a total novice.

I've never had a spray tan before but think it might help look nice in the photos. Question is - how long before the wedding day do you get it done? I'm worried it'll all rub off on my (white) wedding dress leaving it looking grubby by evening (and making it impossible to sell if I need to in future). I'm not sure I have time to do a trial run but I'm a bit nervous in case I end up one of those fluke allergic reactions - they are common?

Also - do facials actually do anything? Is it worth having one before the wedding? And if so, when? Better to go close to the wedding day so you still look glowy or better to go early in case it brings you out in spots?

Would love to hear your wedding prep advice / what you did before yours! Thank you.

cuntyMcCunterson Sun 03-May-15 21:54:43

I HATE the smell of fake tan, chemically and biscuity and gets worse if I get warm, I went for a few sunbeds (6/7) before my wedding just to warm my skin up a bit.
Personally I wouldn't start with facials a few weeks before the wedding. I break out pretty badly so before my wedding I just stuck with my tried and tested beauty regimen and drank loads of water each day, about 3.5L.

MuttonCadet Sun 03-May-15 21:58:07

Don't get a fake tan (they are always too dark and you won't be happy), facial would be fine 2 months in advance to see how you get on, but not weeks in case you break out.

SconessMcFloness Sun 03-May-15 22:05:13

I got a fake tan fir a friend's wedding, I'm deathly pale and asked for a very light colour, which looked great...but it did rub off onto clothes despite them saying it wouldn't and it was patchy as it wore off....not great for a beach look!

sarahsinlondon Sun 03-May-15 22:12:46

Thanks for the quick replies. Wondering whether it isn't all worth the risk. I wouldn't do a sunbed as I really don't want sun damage. Maybe worth doing DIY Johnson's Holiday Skin for a few days in the run up?

This whole issue kind of sums up many of my wedding dilemmas. Normally I'm a bit anti the idea of pricey treatments - consider myself more of a jeans and trainers person. But I'm definitely nervous about thousands of photos and not looking my best.

anothercrackatit Sun 03-May-15 22:19:16

What cuntyMc said, go on a sun bed a few times for 5 or 6 minutes a time (they sell them in blocks) and your skin will look and smell great without causing too much damage. Fake tans are unpredictable. I'd dodge facials if I were you, just exfoliate regularly with something inoffensive and moisturise well for however long you've got left. Don't try anything new! Eat well, exercise moderately and do the above and you should be fine. Congratulations, BTW!

Jewels234 Sun 03-May-15 23:05:50

I would only do fake tan if you have done a practice one before. It could be disastrous and then you would really hate the photos!

trufflesnout Mon 04-May-15 16:07:26

Don't use a sunbed.

I use a tinted body moisturiser in springtime when it's nice enough for dresses but I'm still ghostly white pale from winter. Works fine. Not a fake tan, so not biscuity.

misssmilla1 Mon 04-May-15 18:26:20

If you're having anything waxed, get it done at least a week - 10 days before the day so any adverse reactions go down. I've been waxing for years, but wedding stress gave me a lovely reaction on my upper lip. Luckily it had gone down before the big day!

Same for facials; probably a bit late to start now if you don't normally do them, but if you want one, get it a week before giving your face time to brew up a storm and then settle. Particularly important if you have a lot of open pores post extraction and you're planning on airbrush foundation - nothing worse than the makeup getting in the pores! If you don't do a facial, I recommend normal cleanser and using a hot facecloth / flannel afterwards every day to get the exfoliation going and get your face clean

I'd avoid fake tan; if you do go for it, use a sunbed as you won't get streaks. However, same as above, don't go on the day before the wedding for skin reaction reasons.

Drink LOTS of fluids and try and keep the crap food and sugar to a reasonable amount

RevealTheHiddenBeach Mon 04-May-15 19:04:08

I had a spray tan done for my wedding, but a friend of a friend did it and everyone I had ever seen her spray looked really natural like they had been away. I got it done 2 days before the wedding and couldn't believe how much healthier it made me look! (if you happen to be near Plymouth I can give you details but it's a long shot!)

Def no new facial routines too close to the day. I echo pp - drink lots of water and follow your normal routine with a bit extra care.

hope you have a lovely day!

nottheOP Mon 04-May-15 19:12:37

I was spray tanned on Wednesday evening and got married on the Friday, so two showers later. I was really pleased with the colour.

I've never had a facial.

I had my make up done and whilst it didn't look that different immediately, it really lasted and looked good in the photos. I also relaxed when she did it.

Congrats on your wedding. Try to remember that the most important element is the marriage and let everything else pale in comparison. It helps you enjoy your day that way... The important bit is done & dusted and you can enjoy celebrating.

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