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Budget primer

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rockybalboa Sun 03-May-15 12:15:34

I'm nearing the end of my Benefit Pore Professional and am looking for a cheaper replacement. Is the Lanacane Anti Chafe gel still the best option or are there other things I should be considering?

chipsandpeas Sun 03-May-15 12:23:29

MUA do a pretty good copy of porefessional

BunnyLebowski Sun 03-May-15 12:25:30

The Garnier 5 Minute Blur primer is an identical dupe for Porefessional.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 03-May-15 12:31:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

avocadotoast Sun 03-May-15 12:34:12

The Rimmel one is quite good. I think it's about £7. It's a pain in the arse to get out the tube when it gets near the end though!

rockybalboa Sun 03-May-15 13:01:17

Sudocrem?!? Really!!? Got shed loads of that...

Skinheadmermaid Sun 03-May-15 14:41:11

Maybelline babyskin is decent.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 03-May-15 17:38:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 03-May-15 17:39:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Sun 03-May-15 17:40:46

I think the Rimmel one ^^ is on offer in asda ATM. They had a few products in a cardboard display unit in the toiletries aisle - I'm sure the stuff was half price.

almondcakes Sun 03-May-15 17:42:27

Agree about baby skin.

wasn't there some odd product that everyone on here was using as primer at one point?

Some skin healing balm thing?

goodasitgets Sun 03-May-15 18:40:38

I like the maybelline baby skin one smile have repurchased it twice

Fabulassie Sun 03-May-15 18:57:16

Yes, there's some product for skin chaffing that is identical to silicone primers.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sun 03-May-15 18:59:25

The best I've tried is the Avon one. Can't remember the name but cost about a fiver.

Awks Sun 03-May-15 19:38:36

The MUA one at Superdrug is fine. It's £4.

poorbuthappy Sun 03-May-15 19:42:26

The Lanacane anti chaffing and MUA primer both gave me those horrible cyst like spots which don't ever come to a head.

I absolutely hate to say it but I haven't found anything as good as Porefessional. I'm coping without any for that reason, as can't justify the cost of Porefessional, for such a tiny pot.

almondcakes Sun 03-May-15 20:17:24

Dr Brandt pores no more is better than porefessional.

Fabulassie Sun 03-May-15 20:18:19

Some people don't do well at all with silicone and many primers are primarily silicone.

I tell you what: try Wayne Goss's (gossmakeupartist on Youtube) trick of putting powder on before foundation. Moisturiser, loose powder, then foundation. It will last all day and look really good.

rockybalboa Sun 03-May-15 20:23:55

But I use mineral foundation so would powder underneath still work? I'm a bit worried about the Lanacane causing spots as Bare Minerals did just that so I now use Lily Lolo. I'm tempted to try the Sudocrem but worried about the smell, it's quite strong!

Awayday Sun 03-May-15 20:29:13

Monistat soothing care gel is exactly the same thing as the smash box primer. I used to use it but switched to the monistat and can't tell the difference. You can get it on Amazon!

Fabulassie Sun 03-May-15 20:35:55

If you're using a powder foundation then I guess a powder base isn't going to work as it would with a liquid foundation.

And if Bare Minerals was bad for your skin, was it the silicone? If so, then try and find a primer that doesn't have silicone.

If it's that "blurring" effect you're after, I'm not sure if there are any primers that do it without silicone. I may be wrong, though.

Why do you want a primer?

Pumpkinette Sun 03-May-15 21:41:58

Rimmel one is quite good. I switch between that and my pricey Elimis one. Whilst it's not quite as good it's not too far off and the price difference makes up for it.

Re: whoever commented on getting the last bit out of the tube. I just cut the tube open and scoop out whats left. It's easily another 3/4 days worth if product. I'm a bit cheap though and do this with everything including toothpaste, shampoo, sample size moisturisers etc

DreamToSleep Sun 03-May-15 21:44:38

another vote for the MUA primer, I like their eyelid primer too.

avocadotoast Sun 03-May-15 21:53:59

Pumpkinette that is a good idea. I always end up squeezing really hard to try get it out and then I end up with it shooting all over the floor <ahem>

OP, I use Lily Lolo foundation as well. That and Rimmel primer works pretty well. I also found that Illamasqua Hydra Veil is incredible (I got a sample pot for my wedding) but it is expensive! (And that said, I've never used it with powder foundation.)

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