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Bra intervention question!

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Loolumboolum Sun 03-May-15 09:10:43

Hello lovely people.

So. My beloved bravissimo saltine in a 32h no longer feels like it's giving me enough uplift.

I've changed jobs and can't get to JL or bravissimo as easily now.

2 breastfed kids means I think my boobs are bottom heavy and wide-rooted anyway.

Suggestions for debenhams or (gasp) m&s options!


Suggestions for

Probably better ordering online. Do you think your breast shape or size has actually changed? How old are your satines?

Loolumboolum Sun 03-May-15 18:18:25

Hi statistically,sorry for delay!

Only a couple of months I afraid! I want a "front and centre" shape to narrow me if possible!

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