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UK to AU Clothing Size

(18 Posts)
AmelieinOz Sat 02-May-15 23:43:37

Google gives me two different conversions. One is AU = UK, another is AU = UK+2 (http://www.onlineconversion.com/clothing_womens.htm)

Which one is correct?

senrensareta Sat 02-May-15 23:48:55

I bought some stuff from Taking Shape recently. They are an Au company and I think they have sizing info on their website (sorry can't link to it at the moment)

Kittykat7 Sun 03-May-15 03:14:02

I am in Australia & order from Next. I am a UK 10 but their conversion is Aus 8. I buy a size 10 here so I don't know how they get that conversion.

Providore Sun 03-May-15 03:35:04

I'm Australian, lived in the Uk ten years. In my experience they're the same. I am an 8 in both countries, and haven't noticed that clothes are bigger/smaller in one or other.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 03-May-15 04:17:33

I agree with Providore - they're the same (with minor variations depending on brand, etc.)

AU is definitely not UK + 2! Are you sure it doesn't say US + 2? (That would be correct: a US size 8 is the same size as an Aus size 12, which is why I love shopping in the US grin)

KoalaDownUnder Sun 03-May-15 04:21:13

Oh, and I lived in the UK for years, too, but have been back in Aus 10 years - but I don't think the sizes have changed, as I order lots of UK brands off Asos. I'm a size 12 in Aus brands, and also in River Island and Oasis. Can't speak to Next as I've never ordered from them.

AmelieinOz Sun 03-May-15 04:34:24

KoalaDownUnder - www.onlineconversion.com/clothing_womens.htm

says AU = US + 4; UK + 2.

I used to buy Dorothy Perkins. So my UK size is same to my AU size then? I've lost weight since so I don't know my UK size now.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 03-May-15 04:43:28

Mmm...I think that converter is inaccurate (on the UK sizes only - the rest seem about right).

Have a look at this asos converter - it says UK and AU are the same:


KoalaDownUnder Sun 03-May-15 04:45:19

(Sorry, when I said US + 2 = AU earlier, I meant +2 sizes, given that sizes only go up in even numbers. You're correct that it's +4 in numbers, so US size 8 = (8 + 4, which is 2 sizes) AU 12. Confusing!)

Providore Sun 03-May-15 05:09:38

Amelie just order your normal size. So if you're an 8 in Aus, order an 8 from Dorothy Perkins. I'm going home to Aus next week and am hoping to do a little shopping in Cue, Picnic, Metalicus, Morrison - can't wait! Australian fashion is so derided on MN but I think there is some really lovely, classy stuff if you look in the right places. Much more expensive than Britain though! What is the postage cost like to order stuff from UK countries?

BuyMeAPony Sun 03-May-15 05:13:23

Postage is free from M and S, Next and debenhams. About £25 from the White Company and £10 from boden, I think.

InfiniteJest Sun 03-May-15 05:19:36

It does depend on the brands, but I've found I'm generally a size 8 in both UK and AU. So I think stick with your usual size.

Unescorted Sun 03-May-15 06:02:01

Here is a helpful chart

BikeRunSki Sun 03-May-15 06:07:32

I have never been to Australia, but I buy Australian knickers (Bonds) from John Lewis in my usual size.

rubybleu Sun 03-May-15 10:23:19

A small UK 10 is an Australian 8. If you're UK10/12 then go for an AU 10. I went from 8's at home to 10 when I moved over here & buy 8s if I'm at home. There's also a slight difference in shape, Australian clothes are (often) cut for broader shoulders and taller women.

An exception is Country Road where you need to size down by 2-4 sizes - some brands have really bad vanity sizing.

AmelieinOz Sun 03-May-15 10:53:40

I'm AU12 in Witchery, Dotti, Marcs, a Large in Zara and Mango, so safest is UK12?

I have not tried any Country Road item. There's one on eBay that I like - it's a leather jacket in large, but not sure of the sizing.

burnishedsilver Sun 03-May-15 12:26:16

In my experience Australian clothes are slightly bigger. I find an Australian 10 is comparable to a UK 11 (if there was such a thing). I end up buying 10 in both but the Australian stuff is looser.

SavoyCabbage Sun 03-May-15 12:28:55

I think Australian sizes are bigger.

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