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flip in / halo/ hair extensions

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Rewy Sat 02-May-15 11:21:30

I am thinking of getting some just to wear when going out , to add volume more than anything as my hair is fine.
Has anyone used this type of extension ?
Would you recommend to a novice?

Rewy Sat 02-May-15 19:49:06


RavioliOnToast Sat 02-May-15 21:58:24

why not try a hairpiece? clip in hair extensions can be annoying as anything and look really bad if you don't disguise a clip properly.

why not try i have a 3/4 hair piece from there, if you send them a photo of your hair they will also colour match this as well. hair pieces are fan quality and can be washed etc, and there's videos on the Facebook page to show how to put them in.

Rewy Wed 06-May-15 22:23:44

Hi thanks for replying
Yeah I agree about the hassle of clipping in extensions which is why I was Interested in the flip in on a wire ones. No clipping involved.
I will check out the hairpiece though

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