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tsonlyme Sat 02-May-15 10:54:44

A few weeks ago I took dd to get her nails done as a reward for something, decided when we got there that I deserved a reward too just for being me so for the first time in 45 yrs I had some acrylics put on.

Two weeks later I went back & had them taken off grin. Now my nails are extremely brittle & thin, presumably because of the filing with the whizzy metal bit.

Is there anything I can do to make them stronger or do I have to wait until they grow out? My toes take six months to grow out completely!

Gem124 Sat 02-May-15 21:28:54

Vaseline! Rub some in every night but they won't be the same till they're fully grown out :-)

Skinheadmermaid Sat 02-May-15 23:56:50

Almond oil is also good.

TheMagicToyshop Sat 02-May-15 23:59:08

Burts bees does a delicious smelling lemon cuticle balm that really improves the condition of dry flaky nails.

Just get some proper nail oil/balm, rub it in as often as you can, including every night before bed, and after showers. Use washing-up gloves to do the dishes & other cleaning tasks. Keep your nails short & smoothly filed - they will be weak, you could easily break one.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Sun 03-May-15 04:10:44

CND Rescuer Rx will condition and strengthen what you have left.

Shop Sun 03-May-15 07:20:24

Oil as often as you can. Nailtiques do a treatment called 'after artificial' which gets great reviews although I've not tried it personally.

If you get them again I'd avoid anywhere which uses whizzy metal things - that's never going to be good for nails smile

Allie82 Sun 03-May-15 08:51:53

Cnd solar oil. Morning and night. It's fab

cuntyMcCunterson Sun 03-May-15 10:26:34

I used rimmel nail rescue when my nails were ruined after acrylics. Really helped strengthen them while they grew out and still use it now when I have some time off from my gel polish.

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