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Love my Botox at 40!

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emmarowlands Fri 01-May-15 21:03:04

New to Mumsnet- had my birthday a month ago, turned 40, so took the plunge for a bit of botox, to smooth out my crow's feets and forehead lines.

LOVE it! Very smooth face now, hope it lasts another 2-3 months.p
I would recommend it, definitely, although I think people should wait till late 30s not get it too young

southeastastra Fri 01-May-15 21:04:18

nah, it looks weird, i imagine your skin would look a bit slacker in the later years if you stretch it with botox now.

Fabulassie Sat 02-May-15 06:15:18

Botox doesn't stretch skin. It just freezes some small muscles so that habitual expression lines don't form.

And it only looks weird when it looks weird. Usually, you can't tell. It's not just for trophy wives and aging actresses.

Aridane Sat 02-May-15 07:19:22

Nice post, sotheasteastra, to a new OP sharing her pleasure with her 40th birthday decision and outcome blush

OP - glad you like the outcome. It's great, isn't it - I am a decade older than you and a first time user. Nobody has noticed / commented though other than to say I look well and - the more honest ones - that I look less tired!

Fabulassie Sat 02-May-15 08:54:09

That's exactly what it does. If you do it all over the face it may look odd. I think the thing that people notice being "off" is when it's in conjunction with fillers. I think a lot of people confuse the two, which is understandable because someone with fillers probably also gets botox.

Itsalldramarama Sat 02-May-15 09:18:41

Glad you are happy smile can't afford it now .. Sob... But the results are fab if applied well , I used to pay for 2 areas but always had a little bit in crows feet to soften but not totally gone as it looks more natural .. Too much and get the Liz McDonald look !! Unbalanced with lower face !
Enjoy it OP smile would be back for more if I could !

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 12:38:59

Definitely small amounts of Botox is the way forward- I agree that all over is not a good look, too tight and frozen. I asked for small subtle doses and I am very pleased with the results so far, fresher smoother look, but I think it looks very natural.

SashaKerr Sat 02-May-15 12:41:43

Any recs on people to go to? I am fairly wrinkle free apart from two hideous deep frown lines which shows how much I frown! Would love to get rid...

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 12:45:12

It was £250 cost, obviously it's a lot of money, but I intend to carefully budget for it

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 12:45:46

How old are you SashaKerr?

DragonsCanHop Sat 02-May-15 12:50:52

I'm 38 and have started looking into this. I have deep frown lines - elevens? Although I don't actually mind my crows feet.

How long does it last?

SashaKerr Sat 02-May-15 12:55:26

I'm almost 38

Itsalldramarama Sat 02-May-15 12:56:36

Usually starts wearing off about 11-12 weeks but can vary from person to person ! Really want some right now sad

Clawdeen Sat 02-May-15 12:58:56

Any recommendations regarding where to get it done?

Itsalldramarama Sat 02-May-15 13:07:33

Depend where abouts you are but justake sure they are registered practitioners and also you now have to seen by a doctor to get the prescription ! I'm in the north east and used to go to Avita in Yarm , Mr bagley is the plastic surgeon linked to the clinic ( his wife is the laser nurse who does the Botox )
I know some one who had someone cone to the house to do it , supposedly a Harley St nurse and she looked ridiculous !! Frozen with Spock brows !! Do your research first

Browtox Sat 02-May-15 13:08:29

I agree. Its the most amazing thing. Less make up. less tired looking. BRILLIANT

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 13:08:29

There are so many places Clawdeen, guaranteed you'll find a handful within a few miles of you. I had mine in Cardiff. You need to check out prices/ guarantees of top ups/reviews etc before deciding I think

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 13:10:27

Yes, they told me usually 3-4 months first time, but then 5-6 months over time, maybe more. I am not one who believes in having it in 20s for preventative measures, only when fine lines properly starts

Fabulassie Sat 02-May-15 13:10:34

Clawdeen, you should post a thread asking for specific recs for where you are. I only know of NHS nurses who do it - coming in for a day at a spa here or there - but I know there are dentists and even doctors who will do it. Any medical professional with knowledge of the nerves and facial muscles and experience with injections is qualified to do it.

I go to the spa at my local House of Fraser (Manchester). There's one nurse who does mine most of the time but while I do think she's awesome, I didn't hesitate to book in with another nurse new to this spa when my usual nurse wasn't available.

I think most people consider their provider to be excellent. If someone were actually bad at it (heavy-handed or inaccurate) the spa wouldn't be likely to have them back.

I get some for my elevenses, my crow's feet, and a touch for the corners of my mouth - relaxing the muscle that pulls my lips down gives me a bit of a Mona Lisa smile but it's very subtle. It also wears off quicker - the more a muscle is worked the faster the nerves will repair themselves. My 11's seem to last about 12 weeks before I can start to scowl again. Once I can see that starting, it deteriorates rapidly and if I wait a couple more weeks beyond that I notice a distinct loss in "freshness." However, if you do it for long enough the actual wrinkles - the grooves in the skin - that have formed will eventually fade away.

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 13:11:26

Hi Browtox- how often have you had it done?

Browtox Sat 02-May-15 13:13:06

oh, for years

Browtox Sat 02-May-15 13:14:21

oh how OFTEN? Initially every 3 months maybe. Now every 5 or so. Cheaper than buying lots of silly serums

Browtox Sat 02-May-15 13:15:19

And on EVERY THREAD on this someone mentions Lisa Bloody someone, elevens ( I just have a big '1') and ' light touch' - fuck that, I WANT IT ALL grin

Siolence Sat 02-May-15 13:16:28

I never get more than 2 areas at a time. Seems to avoid frozen face!
Crows feet and 11s. Forehead and some above my lips to avoid gummy smile. The last one seems to last a long time.

emmarowlands Sat 02-May-15 13:16:52

Out of interest how many of your friends have said they've been having it?

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