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Balcony bras leave ridge under clothes

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ImpatientGriselda2 Fri 01-May-15 20:50:03

The ONLY bra styles that fit me well (and I've tried at least 30 recently) are a few low balconies (Curvy Kate Tease Me and Masquerade Rhea and Hestia). Perhaps I am between cup sizes, but I have slight quadboob in the E and with the F, a tiny bit of space at the top and slight ridge visible through clothes. Which increases with duration since last scooping. At this rate I may as well just wear crop tops most of the time because they look better through day clothes.

The Freya Deco Softcup at least looks okay from the front and under clothes but there is a bit of space at the top and, not being the right shape it's not very supportive. Not much point paying for that.

I've a couple of others left to try in different sizes that seemed promising when slightly too small: Freya Patsy and Cleo Maddie, but wouldn't be surprised if due to the shape they also leave this ridge.

Maybe I should try some other old Masquerade styles before they sell out?

When there has been an extra lace / sheer panel at the top of a bra, I've never quite filled it, but this problem is significantly worse now than it used to be. It's been very evident in the Bravissimo Alana and the Curvy Kate Princess among others.

There is also a Freya Deco half cup which might work. But the problem might be made worse by these bras all being lightly padded so they stand proud of your body IYSWIM? There are some sheer half cups which might work. Have you tried the Demi Diva from Bravissimo?

ImpatientGriselda2 Fri 01-May-15 21:04:41

No, hadn't heard of that one before. Thanks. The only Bravissimo own brand bras I've tried so far were the Alana and the Satine which were both orange-in-a-glass situations.

I read that all Freya half-cup styles were based on the Deco. So if the Patsy fits me in the right size, would the Deco half?

Years ago I used to live in Debenhams t-shirt bras (in the 32-34 B-D range). Perhaps I should try their larger cup equivalents - although I obviously didn't used to have as exact an idea of fit back then.

I don't think that's true - the deco is moulded so it's a one piece cup. The others like the patsy have a seamed construction so they're quite different. The Patsy-alikes also go to a higher cup size.

There is definitely an issue that the closer you get to the perfect bra, the more you know and the more you notice relatively small flaws that you would never have been aware of in a totally wrong bra.

ImpatientGriselda2 Fri 01-May-15 23:09:56

Yes, that's exactly it.

Don't suppose you know what the fit of the Demi Diva is like?
There are none left in my size, but they have a few in the sizes either side.

ImpatientGriselda2 Sat 02-May-15 10:41:19

Oh, also. Swimwear. Any particular bikni tops which have fitted those who fit these bras?

Curvy Kate have a great swimwear range. Cleo also do some which are the same cut as the juna which might work

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