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Sikh Wedding Attire

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MrsFruitcake Fri 01-May-15 19:07:05

We have all been invited to a Sikh wedding in June. I really need some pointers regarding clothes.

The DCs are happy to dress up (Churidar for DD aged 11 and Kurta for DS aged 7) but DH and I are struggling. I'd love to wear a Salwar or Churidar myself but wondered if this would be acceptable as we are not Sikh?

Any ideas/help would be great please. I have been browsing the Rupali website and theres so much lovely stuff on there but I am holding back until I know what's okay. smile

mowglik Fri 01-May-15 19:10:08

Hi - just speaking for myself but I think it looks really nice when I see non-Asian people wearing Salwars or sarees to Asian weddings.. U can push the boat out and try wearing a saree u might really enjoy the experience of swishing around looking regal smile

CoolCadbury Fri 01-May-15 19:38:51

mrsfruitcake yes, I too think Asian clothes on non-Asian looks nice. A lehenga is a good compromise to a sari. I think your DH should just wear a suit though, but he needs to bring something to cover his head if you are going to the ceremony bit as well.

I bet your DC will look adorable.

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