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Hair appointment tomorrow...going for something different!

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Misslgl88 Fri 01-May-15 11:48:00

I have a hair appointment tomorrow to get my hair coloured again. I normally just get highlights put (naturally quite fair) but this time I've decided to go for something ombre! I love how it looks and it's something different for summer. I have told hairdresser I just want something subtle not too dark at the roots (think I'm going for darker on top leaving the length blonde) and something easy to just go back to all blonde with.

Anyway evough of the ramble I really just wanted to know if any other ladies had this kind of colour and what shampoo you used? Did you use one just for colour or did you use one for blonde hair? I'm worries the blonde will fade quickly if I use one just for colour. I was going to pick up some of that john frieda everlasting blonde shampoo and conditioner but if you ladies can recommend something that would be great flowers

Misslgl88 Fri 01-May-15 16:05:37


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