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Can you recommend a BB cream for fair skin?

(18 Posts)
SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Fri 01-May-15 09:50:52

I have just thrown away a brand new Garnier BB cream - I had bought the "light" shade but it gave my skin an orange-brown colour. As if pale skin was something that has to be "corrected".
Can you recommend a good BB cream? (ideally a cheap one, but I might splurge on a fantastic one if I wait until my birthday)

FrugalFashionista Fri 01-May-15 10:23:35

Asian BBs are ace for pale skin. Missha #13 is the palest I have but I also love Dr Jart golden and green tube (first medium coverage and a tad darker, second very sheer). My fave is a custom mix of Missha #13 and Dr Jart Premium, matches my skintone exactly, silky flawless coverage and feels lovely. Much nicer than my high-end foundations! I <3 Korean products!

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Fri 01-May-15 11:12:49

Well, I am finishing a tube of Asian BB cream that a relative had brought me back from Taiwan, but they don't make it any more.
I am adding the Missha one to my wishlist - thank you very much.

hugoagogo Fri 01-May-15 12:28:59

Superdrug own brand bb cream I'm light is actually light smile

hugoagogo Fri 01-May-15 12:31:58

I'm = in

hobNong Fri 01-May-15 12:33:27

I have the same problem and instead of throwing away bb creams and foundations that are too dark, I mix a small amount with moisturiser before applying. It stops it from being too dark and stops you from wasting your money.

Thanks to the poster who recommended Missha, I will take a look at that next.

CoconutAmericano Fri 01-May-15 12:45:03

im pale and have just recently bought my first bb cream. it's the boots botanics bb cream in light. im impressed. not a bit orangey. goes on smoothly and hi buildable. in fact its half price at the mo so I've just picked up a second.

SunshineBossaNova Fri 01-May-15 12:59:53

Another vote for Botanics here.

TheGruffal0 Fri 01-May-15 13:07:49

What is a bb cream please? I've heard talk of them and always wondered!

Coastingit Sun 03-May-15 00:16:25

Maybelline BB cream in the lightest shade. They do 3 types, I get the SPF30 one. It just seems to blend into my skin so seamlessly, it's much better than my foundations. Love it. Must stock up though, maybe I use too much but it's running out quickly - cheap as chips though so I don't mind.

AdorabeezleWinterpop Sun 03-May-15 07:22:45

I love the Maybelline BB cream. I have the one with salycilic acid in it but there are a few varieties.

JustOneMoreGin Sun 03-May-15 13:16:12

Another vote for Missha I. # 13.
I've been using it for a few years now.

SomewhereIBelong Sun 03-May-15 13:21:54

DD - very pale uses No7 lightest one - it is fine.

a BB cream is a "blemish balm" cream - it is usually a foundation mixed with moisturiser and some have sun protection too.

Some are "medicated" with salicylic acid which will dry out blackheads and get rifd of scaly skin over time (but it can be an irritant)

HelenF350 Sun 03-May-15 13:25:34

I use the maybelline one with the 30 spf. Only one I can find that doesn't make me look orange!

Marmaladybird Sun 03-May-15 13:46:56

Does it matter if it's a CC cream instead? Clinique CC cream is brilliant and 30 SPF.

bishboschone Sun 03-May-15 13:48:37

I'm pale with freckles .. I use botanics .. It's the only one that's right for my skin .

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Sun 03-May-15 13:49:38

I like the Botanics one too

justjuanmorebeer Sun 03-May-15 16:50:14

I'm really pale and have been using a very thin layer of the nivea one. I got it for just £3 at wilko. It looks dark out of tube but if you blend properly it is fine. Love it.

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