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Could anyone recommend a product please that gives volume/lift at the roots

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ClareBaldingsHair Fri 01-May-15 09:33:16

As per title... I'm off to a big boots today so perhaps something I can pick up in there?

Thank you!

Truckingalong Fri 01-May-15 09:35:10

Batiste XL dry shampoo. Makes your hair feel like shit but makes your hair bigger than Crystal Tips!!!

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Fri 01-May-15 09:35:46

Schwarkopf (sp?) do a volumising powDer for about £4 - you only need a tiny amount but can use more if you want huge amount of lift.
I sprinkle on roots than massage in.

Zampa Fri 01-May-15 09:37:46

If your budget can run to Aveda, their thickening and volumising products are amazing.

Also pricey but great are the Living Proof products, available in M&S and Space NK.

ClareBaldingsHair Fri 01-May-15 09:38:44

Hmmm thanks for the suggestions. I have batiste but hate the itching (and the smell!)

I was thinking maybe a mousse or spray I can put on while wet then blow dry?

ClareBaldingsHair Fri 01-May-15 09:40:19

Zampa thanks. Yes can do aveda but I don't want volume elsewhere (v thick hair) just root lift really (I have a pin head)

Is there a specific living proof prod?

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Fri 01-May-15 09:41:30

Oh ok - I've got a frizzease product (not the serum) which is a pump action spray. It says it is to reduce frizz but my goodness by hair goes HUGE when I use it. I can't remember it's exact name though - I'm sure it's "3 days frizzy free" or something.

I have a lot o f hair products. blush

MrsMarigold Fri 01-May-15 09:41:44

There is a new one in a turquoise bottle from Elvive it is good and has had good reviews.

Pantsalive Fri 01-May-15 09:43:49

I'd second the styling/volumising powder. It's only my second day with it but it's brilliant so far. Nothing like dry shampoo as you don't seem to get that nasty build up at your scalp. Superdrug had an offer on something so it was only about £2.50. Could be worth getting it just to see.

I've tried all sorts of mousses and lotions but they all seem to make my v fine hair limp after about 30 mins.

Zampa Fri 01-May-15 09:45:35

Clare There is a powder type product that Aveda do that you apply to the roots. It's in a small green plastic bottle. Can't remember its name. Will Google!

I use the Living Proof "Full" shampoo and conditioner but this might not work for you if it's root lift only you want. Not sure about other products in the range but I've been impressed with their other products such as their style extenders.

Zampa Fri 01-May-15 09:48:34

Here it is;

Just apply to roots rather than all over.

ClareBaldingsHair Fri 01-May-15 09:49:28

Thanks all. I will try and hunt down these prods today. The £2.50 one has to be worth a shot

ClareBaldingsHair Fri 01-May-15 09:51:04

Thanks zampa. Great reviews on that

SuperFlyHigh Fri 01-May-15 09:54:14

L'Oreal Professionelle do a mousse you spray directly into the roots, amazing about £13 but worth every penny!

DarylDixonsDarlin Fri 01-May-15 10:05:07

I'm currently using a john Frieda spray, small blue bottle, which works well for me. Will see if I can find out its correct name, mind gone blank! blush

DarylDixonsDarlin Fri 01-May-15 10:07:57

Currently on offer at boots wink. I swear I put it on, started blow drying and I could feel my hair sort of rising up like a cake in the oven!

FrugalFashionista Fri 01-May-15 10:26:29

A mixture of cornflower and cocoa powder, sprinkled on hair then brushed off thoroughly, just fab for my fine silky hair and no cloying fragrance!

FrugalFashionista Fri 01-May-15 10:29:39

Sorry autocorrect issues, cornflour / Maizena!

carrielou2007 Fri 01-May-15 17:56:36

I have bush head uber thick hair and since having my hair recently cut into s fairly short inverse cut (could be wrong expression) as always been long to weigh it down gone back to JF thickening stuff for my roots too.

Many years ago when I was 15, JohnFreida was in our licalBoots and picked me to show his thickening spray. Having very thick hair he obviously got amazing results and made me super sleek and swishy. Ladies with five limp hair were falling over themselves to buy it poor loves as if they would ever get the normally bush head thick hair I have. Always felt he was a bit mean to use me as an example though I was very swishy and do still use it at 41 grin

itsnothingoriginal Fri 01-May-15 20:46:49

I have the Got 2 Be £2.50 powder. It's very good but doesn't half dry out your hair!! My hairdresser was plugging the salon Loreal powder and used it on me after my hair cut - seemed pretty good but was £10 more than the Superdrug one.

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