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Bra to create cleavage but not bulk?

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anothercrackatit Thu 30-Apr-15 17:53:16

I'm looking for a bra to go under a dress I've got for a wedding. I'm looking a little matronly and think it'd look a lot better if I pushed things up and together a bit, it's got a low-ish front but with good coverage, a bit like a wrap dress. I've been looking all afternoon and I'm struggling to find one without padding. I measure 34" around the chest and 42" around the bust and I'm not keen on adding bulk. Ideally I'd like a sheer or silky fabric. Am I after the Holy Grail?

Bravissimo own brand do some non padded plunges. Based on your measurements I'd suggest around a 34FF size wise - what are you wearing just now and how does it fit?

anothercrackatit Thu 30-Apr-15 18:11:23

Bravissimo sounds good, I'll have a look, thank you. The dress is Pepperberry, I don't know why I didn't think of it! I'm in a 36E but I'm never sure they fit properly, I always just try things on. I've been put in 32s and 34s before at Bravissimo but there isn't one near where I live now so I've resorted to trial and error! I really hate the back fat look you can get with a smaller band, I think I must have a very flabby back! I'm in a size 12/14 dress. Thank you for your help wine

dementedpixie Thu 30-Apr-15 18:17:44

I'd try 34FF given your measurements

dementedpixie Thu 30-Apr-15 18:19:02

If you have been wearing a cup that is too small then it will make the bra feel tighter. I am a 36 back at size 20

The backfat look needs scooping to resolve it - a 34FF will be roughly one cup size bigger than you are wearing at the moment. When you put one on, stand side on to a mirror, bend forward slightly and put your left hand inside the right cup. Reach round to your armpits/back/under the band/wherever else their are bulges and pull everything forward in to the cup. Repeat on the other side.

this is a non padded plunge

the satine is technically padded, but it's very light and definitely doesn't have the bulky look (I tend to find you get that more with solid moulded cups like the Freya Deco). The light padding in Satine just gives it a better shape and good cleavage

panache tango is unpadded if unexciting! I don't find this gives much cleavage though

anothercrackatit Thu 30-Apr-15 20:21:20

Thank you for all your help. I am resolved to make a pilgrimage to Brighton at the weekend, where there is a Bravissimo shop. I will brave the bank holiday crowds in search of boobage! Do you think the dress is redeemable? Otherwise I should probably spend the money there instead!

Jakadaal Thu 30-Apr-15 20:37:40

I am a 36FF in Bravissimo and am wearing the satine one for the first time today. I hate padded bras but this is fab - very light, lovely and comfortable and feels as good as my usual favourite the Alana.
Thanks to pp for tips on back fat - off to scoop now!

That dress is lovely - I know which one it is actually, I'm watching it on ebay!

anothercrackatit Thu 30-Apr-15 20:57:07

Thank you, I got it on eBay as well! The arms are nice and long. I'm not sure if the poofiness of the skirt is a bit unflattering? It is very respectable and comfortable with a nice, heavy material. That's the size 12 C/RC by the way smile I'm 5' 7".

Personally I like the slight poofiness, but I carry a lot of my weight on my lower tummy so intentional poofiness is my friend!

Pepperberry clothes/fabrics can be hit or miss but sometimes they get it really right.

anothercrackatit Thu 30-Apr-15 21:22:11

Lol at intentional poofiness! Based on this dress I'd definitely buy Pepperberry again. Do you think the cleavage boost is a good idea? I hope you get your dress.

anothercrackatit Fri 01-May-15 14:30:40

I found a lovely bra today in the local department store, it's a Triumph Magic Wire something and it is like wearing butter! It's given me a great, unforced cleavage with no padding. I'll attempt a link here.

scribblegirl Fri 01-May-15 14:34:51

I have nothing to add on the bra front (actually clicked looking for tips!) but I just wanted to say that is a lovely dress and you look really gorgeous in it OP!

anothercrackatit Fri 01-May-15 15:03:35

Thank you scribble, you're very kind. I'm trying to summon up the energy to try it on again with this new bra but I'm currently failing!

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