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Chubby Thigh chafe?

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DragonWithAGirlTattoo Sat 25-Apr-15 20:21:07

i've been on a couple of hot holidays recently, and due to thigh rub (really bloody sore!) i've been reduced to wearing my shorts and cropped trousers.... and not my lovely skirts and dresses

i googled it and aparantly bodyglide is good for this? Has anyone tried this?

Ok, we've all been there. Carrying a little too much weight, slightly ill fitting clothing, heavy rain? Result? Chronic, painful chafing. Thanks to Bodyglide, the need for traditional petroleum products are fortunately now a thing of the past. Conceived in 1996 by a group of surfers trying to eliminate chafing, Bodyglide has the advantage of being hypo allergenic, non greasy and non oily thereby avoiding the messy stains associated with standard petroleum products. It works by creating an invisible barrier that protects the skin against chafing and blisters. By preventing skin trouble before it starts, Bodyglide helps to avoid the need for remedial first aid action.

WipsGlitter Sat 25-Apr-15 20:23:16

I wear fine (ie cheap) leggings underneath.

museumum Sat 25-Apr-15 20:25:40

I've used body glide for marathon running but I'm not sure it'd last all day.
I get really sweaty and prefer thin leggings or tight cotton shorts under skirts/dresses otherwise the backs of my legs stick to chairs blush

CMOTDibbler Sat 25-Apr-15 20:25:46

I use bodyglide for cycling, and it really works as an anti chafe, and stays put whatever. Also good on your feet if your shoes rub

Buttercup27 Sat 25-Apr-15 20:26:33

Try liquid talc it works really well. You rub it in like a moisturiser but it leaves a fine layer of talc which takes away the moisture and stops me chafing. Only problem is I have to Re-apply a couple if times a day for it to keep working.

SurlyCue Sat 25-Apr-15 20:27:31

Am i the only one who misread the title as "chubby thigh cafe" and thought it was a new quiche i could join? blush

MangoJuggler Sat 25-Apr-15 20:29:19

Bodyglide didn't work for me, nor vaseline, or lanacane, or deodorant etc

I have embraced the cotton mix cycle short, hang on -like this

Sloggi longlegs roll up my legs, same as the comforshort type undirs

MangoJuggler Sat 25-Apr-15 20:30:09


Smooshface Sat 25-Apr-15 20:30:42

Comfort shorts from Evans, come in nude and are above knee

321zerobaby Sat 25-Apr-15 20:31:52

Any link to your liquid talc please buttercup?

Buttercup27 Sat 25-Apr-15 20:37:58

I'll try (never done a link before) I bought it in the supermarket in the baby aisle. I think they also do it in boots.

ShebaQueen Sat 25-Apr-15 20:38:23

I use Mitcham roll on or the comfort shorts above, depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going.

Wendied Sat 25-Apr-15 20:40:07

I sometimes wear Spanx. They help with your posture and suck you in a bit!

Buttercup27 Sat 25-Apr-15 20:40:44

It's called avent silky liquid talc. You can get it from boots and supermarket. Sorry no idea how to a link, but will do if someone tells me how blush

ChaiseLounger Sat 25-Apr-15 20:49:59

Mine is terrible. Joins cafe!! ��

Tizwailor Sat 25-Apr-15 21:06:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sharkteeth Sat 25-Apr-15 21:13:56

Lush do a talc/ dusting powder named silky underwear I would recommend that.

SurlyCue Sat 25-Apr-15 21:23:17

My underarms were chaffing last week hmm talc sorted it out though.

HermioneWeasley Sat 25-Apr-15 21:23:20

Olive oil works. It was recommended on her and I mocked, but tried it in an emergency and it really worked. I had to reapply but it stopped chub rub.

TheCowThatLaughs Sat 25-Apr-15 21:24:35

Sloggi do long leg knickers, they're not exactly pulling pants though grin

BrennieGirl Sat 25-Apr-15 21:29:00

I bought the long sloggis last year and found them great. I have also used deodorant and found that worked well too.

MrsCrankypants Sat 25-Apr-15 21:30:42

Johnsons baby powder is the only thing that works for me!

AuditAngel Sat 25-Apr-15 21:32:50

I have a men's Champneys anti chafing gro, but personally prefer Lanacane powder.

I would love to get some more Avenr liquid talc, I thought they'd stopped doing it. Where did you buy it?

evilgiraffe Sat 25-Apr-15 21:32:57

Ooo, those cotton shorts look just the job, mango. I usually go with leggings - S&B sin I know, but rather that than bleeding thighs! Shorts are a much better option, I may get a pair...

StrangeGlue Sat 25-Apr-15 21:33:46

Has anyone tried those chub rub deep garter things? Dunno what they're called.

I hate chub rub. Had it at size 8 have it at size 14 - suppose it's just how some of us are built sad

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