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New shoes and blisters and what do I do now.

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Newbiecrafter Fri 24-Apr-15 20:08:35

Hello everyone.

I bought some leather flat shoes from Next last week and wore them out the other day for about two hours. I did some walking but not loads.

My heels have blisters as do the insides off th widest part of my feet.

The shoes were a wide fit and very comfortable. I wore them around the house a bit to make sure they didn't hurt and they werefine

Is it normal for shoes to do this? I'm trying to figure out if I git a dodgy pair. have looked at them and the edges are quite sharp to the touch so not surprised they caused such bad burst blisters.

I haven't worn normal smart work type shoes for years and years but even when I've worn smart ish shoes for going out, they ve not done that to my feet.

Also, what do I do about the blisters now. Plaster don't stay on because of where they are, and wearing anything on my feet apart from fit flops hurts.

I need to get my feet sorted by next week as have a couple of interviews where I need to wear smart shoes again, so sorry form ring dim, but can anyone help, please?

Many thanks

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 24-Apr-15 20:52:55

I have to "break in" every single pair of shoes, usually by wearing them round the house for a few weeks and "massaging" the leather before going out, otherwise I get massive blisters. I feel your pain! Could you get some of the Compeed blister plasters from the chemist? (The own brand and other branded ones don't work on me.) I think they really do help. I wouldn't personally wear those shoes again until the blisters have totally healed.

omri Fri 24-Apr-15 20:59:05

I also have to break in my shoes. Wear them round the house with one or two pairs of sports socks a couple of evenings before you wear them out! Not a sexy look... But Works for me.

vitaminC Fri 24-Apr-15 21:02:53

Yes, I also wear new shoes around the house with thick socks until they're broken in.

Don't wear them again until the blisters have healed. In fact wear the comfiest shoes you own (and go barefoot as much as possible) until then, then break in the new pair!

ygritte Fri 24-Apr-15 21:14:51

Blister plasters...if you haven't already tried them. They always stay put for me and don't come off until I peel them off. Compeed are much better than any other similar type and are virtually invisible.

Newbiecrafter Fri 24-Apr-15 22:00:19

Thanks for the tips about compeed. Will definitely get some of those. Can I use them on burst blisters that are a bit weepy?

My legs below my knees are really sore. sad

So the shoes, there's nothing wrong with them? I just didn't break them in enough.

What do I do about wearing smart shoes next week? If I buy another pair, I haven't got the time to break them in. What if my blisters don't heal?

What is it about sore feet that makes me feel so tired?

Thanks for your help by the way. thanks

Kundry Sat 25-Apr-15 07:56:34

Another vote for Compeed plasters - I have them in all my handbags in case of emergency.

They are great for over burst blisters as they are absorbent.

For next week, if you always get your blisters in the same places then put the plasters on before you get the blister to prevent the rubbing. I also like padding the shoe in the place that rubs.

Flat shoes may be a problem - I'm now pretty good at buying shoes that don't rub. I probably wouldn't buy completely flat shoes and stick to a low heel. In ballet flats your foot has to sort of spread to keep the shoe on so they are bad for rubbing. I also know which brands suit my feet - Hotter is great and I look out for shoes that aren't totally old lady shoes in there.

Saltysnack Sat 25-Apr-15 17:01:14

Competed are amazing, what a great product. Totally agree to stick to the brand, really don't be tempted by own brand ones as I was in Boots last week. I should have remembered from last year

My sister has that problem with Next shoes. I don't at all, but the boden ones I wore to work last week cut me to ribbons. Good luck with your interview, rest your legs and take some nurofen, competed will sort the blisters out.

Saltysnack Sat 25-Apr-15 17:01:52

Compeed not competed, sorry!!

momtothree Sat 25-Apr-15 17:05:14

Also get a blunt knife and rub it alone the heal part to soften the leather. Rubs off rough parts. Put plasters on and socks. I wear in the sofa as feet throb!! U have time to break these in.

momtothree Sat 25-Apr-15 17:06:12

Have u tried the hidden sock tights? Sure someone knows the name!

Kundry Sat 25-Apr-15 21:41:33

Do you normally wear flat shoes? If you normally wear heels, going to flats will make your calves ache like mad.

CambridgeBlue Sun 26-Apr-15 10:00:23

I agree that own brand blister plasters are not worth it - I was out and about yesterday in new shoes that started to rub, I popped into Boots and bought their own brand ones but they didn't stay on at all. I looked so classy limping around with plasters falling off my heels! Will have to track down some Compeed today or I'll be going to work in my slippers tomorrow.

violetbunny Sun 26-Apr-15 10:03:53

Yes you can use Compeed even if the blister has burst, it will help it to heal (as contrary to popular belief wounds heal faster when moist).

If shoes are particularly stiff then try massaging the leather to soften it.

Pumpkinette Sun 26-Apr-15 11:32:54

Compeed plasters for the blisters. Next time you wear the shoes buy this anti blister stick from boots. It works great at stopping blisters when you are breaking in new shoes and it lasts for ages. Just rub it on the spots that the shoes rub and you won't get any blisters. You will need to wait until the skin heals first before you use it though.

Newbiecrafter Wed 06-May-15 08:52:39

Hello again everyone.

I got some compeed plasters and wore the shoes again for the first time yesterday.

The plasters kept peeling off on one side and sticking to the shoes, so not sure why that happened. Also, by the end of the day, there was a hole in the plasters on both feet, in the same place that I got the original blisters, so the blisters that had scabbed over are now broken again and very sore.

I did the blunt knife thing on the shoes, but not enough I think.

I'm actually wondering if the shoes are just badly made. They were £35 so not massively expensive, but not cheap either. I'm thinking I need to just bin them and get some others, but I need some for Friday, but last time the blisters took a week to heal, so not sure what to do.

Thanks again for all your help. Any ideas why the compeed didn't stay stuck to my feet. I must have done something wrong.


ThaiMeDown Wed 06-May-15 09:50:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ThaiMeDown Wed 06-May-15 09:52:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Newbiecrafter Fri 08-May-15 18:35:34

Thaimedown, THANK YOU so much for suggesting I take the shoes back.

I did and got a refund with no questions asked. Yayyy!

I bought a new pair from clarks, that seem better so far.

I tried the compeed plasters again and again they peeled off, so will try the Tesco ones next time.


ThaiMeDown Fri 08-May-15 19:22:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FadedRed123 Fri 08-May-15 19:37:19

Morrison own brand are very good and much cheaper than Compeed. Boots own brand are too thick and rigid and don't stick very well.
If the blister plaster is too small, then ask pharmacist for a hydrocolloid dressing (like Duoderm extrathin or Savlon hydrocolloid dressing which are bigger).
You could also try gel heel covers and toe covers to prevent blisters.

FadedRed123 Fri 08-May-15 19:42:23

Oh and another tip to get this type of dressing to stick well is too ensure the skin around the blister is dry and to hold your warm hand pressing down on the dressing for about a minute after you put in on.

Iforgottotellyou Fri 08-May-15 19:42:29

For future reference, I sometimes stick the plaster inside the shoe where it rubs rather than on my foot

specialsubject Fri 08-May-15 19:46:05

also for future reference; shoes are objects designed to protect feet while using feet for their desired function. Shoes that hurt either do not fit or are badly made. If they seemed ok when you bought them, but then do what these did, take them straight back.

obviously this does not apply to ballet pumps, fugly high heels and peep toe things.

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