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Indian Dress to a church wedding?

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Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:06:07

Would it be weird? I wouldn't want to stand out too much and distract from the bride...I'm not Indian - well only part - I'm a mix :-) And its not an Indian wedding so perhaps it would be very weird!

I do have a normal dress which I think is perhaps more suited:

A part of me wants to wear the Indian one as it's so pretttyy and I like the fact I can wear something a bit different for a one off occasion...although it would be strange!

What do you all think?

It's my cousin getting married and my aunt said wear whatever I feel comfortable in and my mother is slightly worried I may upstage/ distract attention away from the bride because I will look so different...

worldgonecrazy Fri 24-Apr-15 16:10:32

I think either dress is fine. It's not like you're wearing a wedding dress.

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:12:30

This is true! I'm travelling up tonight so I may have to take both with me and decide later...

Jennifersrabbit Fri 24-Apr-15 16:14:02

I remember my university friend who had an Indian mother and white British father turning out in a sari for various special occasions including our wedding.
She looked absolutely gorgeous. Id say just go for it!

BaronessBomburst Fri 24-Apr-15 16:16:31

Wear the Indian one. It's fine.
It's lovely. smile

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:17:09

Ah thank you! I may have to take the risk! As long as it doesn't upset the bride then its all good!

HelenF350 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:19:36

Ask your cousin. I asked a friend if she minded me wearing leopard print to her wedding (wasn't sure if it was appropriate). Was to not to be silly and just to wear it but it put my mind at ease.

BathTangle Fri 24-Apr-15 16:19:58

I love the Indian one - and certainly no one in my church (traditional English village) would bat an eyelid. Just make sure you have a pashmina / shawl / cardi / jacket because you might be cold!!

burnishedsilver Fri 24-Apr-15 16:21:15

I don't see anything wrong with wearing the Indian dress but I think the other dress suits you better.

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:24:14

Ah thank you BathTangle!

Was thinking I could wave my hair (half up, half down) and have perhaps smoky eyes - nothing too dramatic.

I've checked with my cousin and she is fine with me wearing whatever! So I'm very tempted to wear the Indian dress and then wear the floral one for my friend's 30th drinks in the evening!

chocolateyay Fri 24-Apr-15 16:24:24

Both so pretty... I'd be very tempted to wear the flowery one to the wedding and glam up for the reception (I am assuming there will be booze and boogie?).

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:26:05

Both are very pretty which is why im so stuck! Ah I'm not staying for all of the reception as it's my friends 30th celebration at 9pm. So I will be leaving at 8pm. But that would have been a good idea :-)

BackforGood Fri 24-Apr-15 16:26:05

Just on 'personal taste' I think the 2nd dress is beautiful, and I don't really like the 'Indian one'. grin

Before I looked at the photos, I was going with "Of course, if you have Indian heritage, then wear a beautiful outfit from that culture" it's not the principle, just the particular dresses.

momb Fri 24-Apr-15 16:26:35

I've been to several Asian weddings in Western dress. It never even crossed my mind that it would be a problem. It must work the same way in reverse too surely?

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:26:45

Ah ok! Hmm decisions, decisions!

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:27:15

I don't think it would be a problem :-) Your right!

Greengardenpixie Fri 24-Apr-15 16:32:48

Think the cut of the first one is gorgeous. It is really my style. Im not Indian either but love ethnic things. I am not fussed for the second one. I dislike the style and the print sorry! The first one makes the most of your lovely figure.

Joey8 Fri 24-Apr-15 16:41:35

Ah thank you :-) The Indian one is tallying up haha!

yongnian Fri 24-Apr-15 20:57:36

I have mixed race heritage, including Indian. I pretty much always wear western clothes...though I do like to wear indian clothes sometimes..but I wouldn't even consider anybody else's opinion on whether I could wear a sari or shalwar to something or not....after all, no one minds me wearing clothes from the western side of my heritage! The Indian dress looks gorgeous on you and suits you better. Wear with pride!

alisaima Sun 07-Jun-15 00:09:45

id say the indian one - it seems to make the most appropriate one, inspire of the church wedding

villainousbroodmare Sun 07-Jun-15 00:22:54

Both lovely. Wear the Indian one unless the weather is gorgeous and you feel like showing off a little more skin.

mrstweefromtweesville Sun 07-Jun-15 00:24:12

Both those dresses are lovely. See how you feel on the day.

Darkchocsprinkles Sun 07-Jun-15 07:53:53

The Indian one is absolutely beautiful. There's just no comparison.

AuntieStella Sun 07-Jun-15 08:02:44

I'd wear the floral to the day event, and the shiny jewelled one to the evening birthday party.

saadia Sun 07-Jun-15 08:10:20

I'm going to go against the grain. For a summer church wedding I think the second one is better. As an Indian person myself, I think the first style is more appropriate for an evening event.

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