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Nude tights people living in the North

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MyCatIsAGit Tue 21-Apr-15 09:25:18


I'd quite like to get my legs out of the black opaques they've been in all winter. And we've finally got some sunshine, but it isn't really warm enough to slap on some fake tan and let my legs all hang out, in fact it is only really warm enough to do that about 4 days a year here, up North.

So nude tights - a complete 'no' or just what you have do if you don't live in the balmy south?

GoodToesBadToes Tue 21-Apr-15 09:26:38

I like nude tights. I get them from john Lewis. I think they look much more groomed than a bare leg

angelos02 Tue 21-Apr-15 09:27:40

How far North do you live? IME the weather isn't that different across the UK - we're a tidgey island.

prepperpig Tue 21-Apr-15 09:29:32

I wear nude tights all year round and am (I think) generally regarded as stylish.

Itsalldramarama Tue 21-Apr-15 09:30:56

I'm in the the North East and it's chilly today ! Definately not bare leg weather ! Rarely ever really just the odd day ! I live in jeans but see plenty of people wearing nude tights ! (Just please don't wear them with sandals ;) )

Ocho Tue 21-Apr-15 09:42:16

<hi jacks thread with northern legs>

what denier?

OvertiredandConfused Tue 21-Apr-15 10:12:01

I wear the body-shaping nude tights (usually in natural tan) from M&S all year round

SarahGoodwin33 Tue 21-Apr-15 10:12:04

I'm all for nude tights, always wear them whatever time of year! Love my opaques too but more for casual days! Elbeo do some really nice matt 10denier that last for ages (mind you I am a bit of hosiery specialist and wash my tights in a net bag....!) Trick my mum used to do

MyCatIsAGit Tue 21-Apr-15 10:18:24

A hosiery specialist - wow. I do find the 10 denier ones from M&S look good (never with sandals) but quite often only last me 2 wears...I'll look for Elbeo.

And angelos02 there's fairly often a 10 degree difference between here and London or South temperatures, I notice it when I head down to see friends in the south west too. It's also quite windy where I am in the North, yes, there's definitely temperature differences! Today is lovely though, but still too chilly for completely bare legs, I'd have goosebumps.

LemonBreeland Tue 21-Apr-15 10:20:00

I am in southern Scotland and I'm wearing nude tights today. I am also fan of m&s body shapers.

I also disagree with the poster who said the temperature is not that different from north to south. It can actually be hugely different.

OllyBJolly Tue 21-Apr-15 10:24:46

I lived in London for a few years and Shetland for many more. There's a huge difference! Even in Central Scotland there's a big drop in temperature from the East midlands.

I don't like John Lewis tights which pains me as I like John Lewis. They seem to disintegrate into holes just as I put them on. M&S are very good and I like their oiled look tights. (which don't look oiled to me). I only get a couple of wears though before they get lots of catches.

I usually bulk buy Boots 3 in a pack because they're fine and last for ages.

BaronessEllaSaturday Tue 21-Apr-15 10:28:05

Waves to MyCatIsAGit

It's not uncommon to be 3-4 degrees difference between where I am in the North West and where my parents are also in the NW. Still getting a touch of frost overnight here and the last snow was only 3 weeks ago. I live in jeans or shorts so don't bother with tights but both teens have moved into flesh coloured tights so it must be getting warmer grin

MyCatIsAGit Tue 21-Apr-15 10:34:13

Hi Baroness!

I actually wore shorts here last summer on a fairly regular basis as it was so lovely, but that was exceptional. I spent a few years living on the south coast, so the North West was a bit of a shock!

ouryve Tue 21-Apr-15 10:39:33

angelos while it was sunny and 25C, down south, last week, it was overcast with temperatures in single figures, where I live. I'm also on the Northeast coast and we have some biting sea breezes. It even rains when the tide's in, sometimes, despite no rain being forecast. My DS goes to school, in land, 45 miles away, and it's often several degrees warmer there. I've visited on Spring days when our village has been encased in fog, while it's gloriously sunny there.

We're a tiny island, but we're also exposed to some wildly competing extremes of weather currents

ouryve Tue 21-Apr-15 10:42:05

In fact, temperatures are often more consistent on a large land mass than they are here.

Sorry, OP, no advice on the tights. Can't abide wearing the things grin

Lolamon Tue 21-Apr-15 10:46:24

North west too! I'm all for nude tights and tights in general! It's crazy the temp difference. I'm originally from East of England smile

Ocho Tue 21-Apr-15 11:03:44

only two wears out of a pair of M&S tights?? that's TERRIBLE! shock

MyCatIsAGit Tue 21-Apr-15 11:14:18

I'm fairly hard on clothes! Two wears is about right...

BigPawsBrown Tue 21-Apr-15 11:15:20

I live in nude rights at work year-round. Sainsburys are the best I've used.

Model5 Tue 21-Apr-15 11:31:50

There's a massive different in temperature. Here I the South we wouldn't dream of using the heating during the summer months, whatever the weather, it's just not necessary. When on holiday in the Lakes it's always set to come on morning and evening.

I just think most people's legs look better with some sort of covering TBH, especially with formalish clothes. I struggle to get more than 2 wears of od sheer tights too though. I like nude fishnets.

Petal02 Tue 21-Apr-15 13:32:30

I'm in the Midlands - once it gets to Easter, I generally start wearing nude tights for work, in preference to opaques.

I like the very sheer tights, they give a 'my legs but better' finish, which looks more polished that a bare leg (although once I've got a tan, I dispense with the tights).

I buy:

M&S 7 denier in Natural Tan
Boots 7 denier ultra sheer in Natural Tan (the Boots Natural Tan is just a touch darker than M&S and works better for me)
BHS 7 denier Natural Tan

None of the above is to be confused with American Tan !!!!!

GraysAnalogy Tue 21-Apr-15 13:36:11

It's absolutely boiling here in NW. I'm out with bare legs.

There's nothin wrong with a nude tight though. I wear them often.

iwantgin Tue 21-Apr-15 17:53:03


Good value, and don't seem to ladder very easily.

Saurus72 Tue 21-Apr-15 18:35:17

I have always hated nude tights, but since I turned 40 I really feel that they are now absolutely essential for work (apart from when the temperature reaches 25C+). Really not sure why. I've had the change of heart, it just feels like the right thing to do. Like PPs, I also wear (and so far pretty impressed with the durability) M&S body shaper 15 denier ones. I am washing them in a net bag too - far too expensive not to!

Passmethecrisps Tue 21-Apr-15 18:38:01

I am another wearer of body shapers in illusion. I struggle to get them to last more than a couple of wears as well mind you.

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