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Does anyone have a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag?

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Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 14:50:51

I'm thinking about buying a Natasha bag. Does anyone have one and would they recommend? It's about the maximum I would spend on a bag so it's got to be perfect.

Does it just have one compartment?

bigfatfeet Mon 20-Apr-15 15:11:55

I have one in a sort of metallic purple - I use a bigger bag most of the time for work as I need to carry papers and other assorted crap around but it's easily big enough as a handbag for weekends.

It has one big compartment with a little pocket for travelcard, phone etc. - the flap bit also unzips and goes all the way down to the bottom so you can put stuff in there, although I'm not really sure why you'd want to.

Mine has worn really well, as have my mum's and sister's (which have had heavier use) so I think they're good value for money (especially if you know someone who is going to the US and could get you one as they're much cheaper there).

Cranagh Mon 20-Apr-15 15:13:12

I have two, I really recommend them. They have lasted really well, perfect size and I love that you can wear them cross-body. I'd like another!

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 15:15:04

Can't decide between the normal size or mini! I don't like huge bags.

bigfatfeet Mon 20-Apr-15 15:18:00

I think the mini would be too mini - the normal size one is definitely no bigger than "handbag" size.

Cranagh Mon 20-Apr-15 15:18:11

How tall are you? The regular size is not huge.

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 15:23:08

5'3" and smallish frame

Nells77 Mon 20-Apr-15 16:11:21

Hi I've got the Natasha in a purply blue and love it. I'm 5ft and have the normal size one and it is a good bag size and doesn't feel to big smile

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 16:31:08

Where did you buy yours nells?

LittleG69 Mon 20-Apr-15 16:31:17

I've got it in a dark pink colour and love it. It's a perfect size and I love that it's cross body. Not mad keen on the lining tbh but that's a fairly minor thing for me smile

ThreeBecameFour Mon 20-Apr-15 16:41:18

My DH bought me the Too Hot To Handle Hobo in brown for my birthday in January. It is a great bag and it hasn't marked and I am not gentle with it..... Lovely quality leather. I use it every day smile

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 17:58:37

Thanks, have found this in red which seems a good price. Not sure though if I should go for a neutral colour:

Nells77 Mon 20-Apr-15 19:26:49

dancergirl I got mine from Saks. It
worked out the same price as if I'd bought it in the UK but they had more colour choices smile

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 21:06:12

Did you try it anywhere before buying nells...? <keeps Saks tab open>

Nells77 Mon 20-Apr-15 21:16:08

No, but my sister had a Q lil Ukita so knew I'd like it. If you buy at Saks it's through a company called borderfree which u pay the customs charges with so there no nasty surprises when it's delivered! It's all added in at the checkout smile make sure you post what you decide on smile

BallroomWithNoBalls Mon 20-Apr-15 21:21:56

I've had several MBMJ bags and love them - I think they represent excellent value for money, really well made bags with great leather. I had a Natasha - have since sold it - and it was probably the best bag I've had. It sits really well as a crossbody, is the right size and the two compartments are super handy. And it's easy to get into. I only sold it as I didn't like the colour of mine, it was olive - the red one you've linked is lovely. I got mine in a Net a Porter sale for £130 though, if you hold on til June there will be sales everywhere.

Dancergirl Mon 20-Apr-15 22:09:56

Found this from Saks:

But not sure about the contrasting strap. Maybe a neutral colour rather than red is better...

AppleYumYum Mon 20-Apr-15 23:34:35

I've got a Natasha and agree, it's so easy to use and access the different compartments and fits quite a bit in it. I think the mini would be good for nights out where you might have a lipstick, phone and small wallet sort of thing. I ended up going for the bigger one as it's not huge and I wanted to use it in the day too. I'm not as much a fan of the new style ones though, I like the Art Deco-ness of where the strap attaches to the bag etc. I also have the Fran and that's a great bag for work and toting around.

Dancergirl Tue 21-Apr-15 08:07:05

Fab smile

Think I like the either the burgundy or taupe. So you think I'll manage to get one in the sales if I wait?

Dancergirl Tue 21-Apr-15 20:16:57

Managed to find a Natasha to try in a local department store, you lot are right - it's a fab bag! Mini was indeed too small but the normal size was perfect and so easy to wear and comfortable. They only stocked black which I don't want so need to decide on a colour now. And as much as I want it now, I'll hang on till the sales.

Thanks all.

AppleYumYum Tue 21-Apr-15 21:57:29

Someone on here once recommended using Shopstyle to search for Marc Jacobs Natasha and it picks up all the bags on sale etc. Also now some of the US stores add the customs so you can order from there with no nasty surprises when it arrives and it is often much cheaper than here. I guess with a change over from the old style to the new style there might be some bargains already, just depends which style you prefer?

Dancergirl Tue 21-Apr-15 23:56:25

Prefer the wider strap on the new style.

Can't decide between dark cherry red and taupe.....

seaoflove Wed 22-Apr-15 00:01:10

I've got a Groovee in tan. I love it, the leather is fantastic and it still looks great after 5+ years.

Skinheadmermaid Wed 22-Apr-15 12:05:15

God i'm not normally a bag person but these are gorgeous.
I'm very envy

MrsMcGregor Wed 22-Apr-15 13:36:44

Ooooh that is a lovely bag ... love the red and also the blue. Happy shopping op

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