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Laser treatment for spider veins on face??

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PisforPeter Wed 15-Apr-15 14:27:53

Thinking of having this done by s doctor as fed up covering my blotches, just wondering if anybody has had any positive experiences??
He is registered etc

Kennington Wed 15-Apr-15 15:44:20

works well it got rid of my thread veins around nose about 70
Percent of them anyway
2 to 3 weeks to heal
Covered myself in sudocrem
Work was not impressed!
You will need to wear suncream all summer
I could do with a second session but the down time was terrible
Purple and black bruises!!!

Kennington Wed 15-Apr-15 15:45:38

Oh and I barely wear much concealer now so am v happy about that as it saves time in the morning and also money plus a wear a lighter one now just to cover red bits

PisforPeter Wed 15-Apr-15 15:48:12

Ooh, that's interesting, he implied it was a fairly painless procedure with 2 weeks required out of the sun which I thought was ok as holiday booked for July & like to keep face out of sun anyway as worry that exacerbates things.

TheGruffal0 Wed 15-Apr-15 15:58:24

I've had ipl, 3 times now I think over the past 5 years or so. It typically involved about 4 days of looking like a chipmunk as I swell hugely, and on one occasion I bruised quite a bit and had a small blister form where there had been a stubborn vein showing through the thin skin at bottom of one of my tear troughs. The blistered spot ended up becoming a discoloured indentation, hard to recall how much more noticeable it is than the spidery capillary it replaced... other than that it worked amazingly, broken veins on nostrils and cheeks vanished, diffuse redness much reduced. I'd have it again over cheeks and nose, but wary of thinner skin areas.

Mitzi50 Wed 15-Apr-15 16:05:10

Reading this with interest gruffalo - is this something that needs to be done regularly because veins come back or have you had different areas done at different points? Also had did you go about choosing someone to do the ipl?

I have general redness and lots of veins on my cheek few on my nose.

Kennington Wed 15-Apr-15 16:10:03

He is correct it is painless at the time
But it stung after
Definitely longer out the sun. My dermatologist recommended 3 months out the sun and sun cream too. Or better in the winter.
To clarify I had laser, not IPL though

TheGruffal0 Wed 15-Apr-15 16:22:39

I spent a lot of time outdoors which probably provoked mine into returning more than they might otherwise, I also had a very stressful period and I think I was just very inflamed which encouraged them, along with the accompanying crap diet. I'd say there is less recurrence since being outdoors less and religiously using sunscreen.

I first went to have just one zapped on the end of my nose, and the woman told me it would cost a basic sum anyway so I may as well have my nostrils and cheeks treated as well. It was a well known chain of clinics and the woman specialised in using that equipment and so I blithely went ahead and fortunately my face didn't fall off! So I'm not sure what the official advice is regarding number of treatments, I think I was advised a course would be beneficial but I was satisfied with the results of just one which lasted about 12 - 18 months before I felt I needed another session.

Now I am so wary, I don't know how I'd decide to trust someone I didn't already know... especially following the blister-damage incident. Sorry, I know thats unhelpful!

Allie82 Wed 15-Apr-15 22:13:22

Watch the latest Wayne goss video on you tube ...

Whataride Thu 16-Apr-15 07:00:11

Reading with interest, just what I'm considering having done, thread veins have appeared on cheeks, I'm sure caused by some over enthusiastic exfoliating my atrophic acne scarring!

Eastpoint Thu 16-Apr-15 07:02:59

I had it done in January and it took ages to heal. I'm not convinced it's better now than it was before. I'll try & doctor some photos later

TheGruffal0 Thu 16-Apr-15 09:16:48

Like Wayne Goss said, IPL smarts! As for small amount of swelling... after one treatment I couldn't answer the door for a couple of days and my eyes were slits, so I think its possibly quite individual how much bruising or swelling occurs - and it varies between treatments, even on the same settings it seems. So if I were scheduling IPL I'd make sure I had at least 3 days free before I had to meet anyone.

Eastpoint Sat 18-Apr-15 06:06:12

The first picture is as I left the surgery, the second 10 days later. In between that time my face puffed up completely, I had no lines as my face was so swollen.

PisforPeter Sat 18-Apr-15 20:22:13

Thank you for this eastpoint

bonzo77 Sat 18-Apr-15 20:47:22

I had it (in fact 3 or maybe 4 treatments). Made no difference. Might actually be worse now. I think I've got more than a spider vein, it's more like a tiny haemangioma. I'm pregnant now but really hate it and will investigate other avenues once baby is here.

2fat4that Sat 18-Apr-15 21:47:37

I've had advanced electrolysis on some spider veins/a spider naevi on my face at a beauty salon 3 weeks ago. They have extensive training before being allowed to practise. It took about half an hour in total after an initial consultation and cost £10! They have more or less disappeared. A few faint ones to zap next time I go. It wasn't very painful, but it did scab over slightly and it was 2 weeks before the scan completely disappeared and I could see how successful it had been. I would just make sure you pick a beautician with a good reputation and plenty of experience.

2fat4that Sat 18-Apr-15 21:49:10

If you search on YouTube you'll find videos of the treatment.

thecatsm0ther Mon 20-Apr-15 12:54:45

Here are before and after photos of my spider naevi. It's now 3.5 weeks since I had the advanced electrolysis work done. After 4 weeks I can go back for more if I want - I might, there are just a couple more veins to zap I think.

thecatsm0ther Mon 20-Apr-15 12:56:25

I'm wearing no make up at all in the photos btw.

thecatsm0ther Mon 20-Apr-15 12:57:26

Sorry, forgot to say, I've changed my name - previous name 2fat4that.

bonzo77 Mon 20-Apr-15 13:19:41

ThecatsM0ther. Amazing result! That looks very much like mine. Where did you get that done?

thecatsm0ther Mon 20-Apr-15 13:21:01

Selby in North Yorkshire.

bonzo77 Mon 20-Apr-15 14:03:28

Shame. Too far for me. Will look for local people who do this. Was it a beautician or medical person? Assuming the former due to the price.

thecatsm0ther Mon 20-Apr-15 14:23:54

Yes, it was a beautician. I saw it mentioned in their price list, so went in and asked for an initial consultation to find out all about it. She told me all about the training, how long they have to practise before they can treat clients etc. I was really impressed. I was told it would be £30 for half an hour, but that it rarely took that long. I was probably there 30 mins in total, but only about ten minutes of that was treatment, the rest was questions about health issues etc.

I was extremely impressed by the treatment. I would definitely search local beauticians to find one that carries out this work and then make an appointment to have a chat about it with them, see how you feel.

Lumobile Mon 20-Apr-15 18:07:10

I had V Beam on nose and cheeks, which I highly recommend as I was extremely pleased with the results. I should add that I have very fair skin and apparently it's most successful on us pale types
It did hurt while it was being done, but didn't hurt afterwards.
There was bad bruising for 4 days. I didn't leave the house as no make up could cover it. I didn't have any swelling.
I was told to stay out of direct sun for two weeks afterwards.
I had two treatments for superficial veins and diffuse redness and it cleared up the area just those two sessions. I'd had a consultation beforehand and was told it would probably take 3 sessions.
This was 5 years ago. The areas treated are still clear, but now there's a different area of my chin that will need doing.

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