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Rexy Tue 07-Apr-15 18:14:40

I've had 2 chemical peels and laser treatment for what I thought was pigmentation. May now be malasma. I'm Asian and have 2 patches one on each cheek.

It's affecting my self esteem and cover up by MAC doesn't cover it fully.

Can anyone help? Seeing a dermatologist soon on NHS.

Rexy Tue 07-Apr-15 20:16:25


AppleYumYum Wed 08-Apr-15 00:20:36

Well I know how you feel, I can't cover mine completely and hate how long it takes to try to cover it before I feel ok about being in public. I'm experimenting with mineral make up at the moment, Lily Lolo. The peepo corrector helps.

I have it very badly, forehead and cheeks mainly, went to an NHS dermatologist who said they can't do anything on the NHS as it is cosmetic. I do understand, it's not killing me etc. He recommended fraxel laser buy an experienced dermatologist if I was going to spend money on it, expensive and I haven't tried it. In the past I saw a private dermatologist and had retin a with an Obagi cream, it disappeared overnight, was amazing. Although I don't recommend it as it is now so much worse than it ever was, badly rebounded despite never going in the sun and being so careful.

I've bought a kit of Yavonae TCA peels of three different strengths to try at home, have tried 12% so far, not much peeling so going to try 25% next. Did your chemical peels and laser help at all? What kind of laser?

LoadsaBlusher Wed 08-Apr-15 06:56:57

I have this problem too , worse after pregnancy and sun exposure.
I use Veil Cover Cream , it is a dermatologist recommended cover up foundation.
You can buy it online , they do a little skin match kit so that you can get the best shade for your skin tone.

Rexy Fri 10-Apr-15 19:54:18

I had a laser for pigmentation and even a tattoo removal one. The patches left but then returned. I didn't have nay problems both times that I was pregnant.

Dermatologist emailed my dr to say buy Hydroquinone cream online but I refused as I need a diagnosis. It can thin the skin. I'm so self conscious f the patches but there must be a way of getting rid of them surely?

poppyinstitches Fri 10-Apr-15 20:16:38

in terms of pigmentation have you tried Vichy Dermablend, you can get a perscrition from a dermatologist or purchase it from a pharmacy. here's a link via Lisa Eldridge who is a brilliant make up artist
Dermablend will also cover tatoo's - so really worth exploring.

AppleYumYum Sat 11-Apr-15 00:48:05

I guess no matter which method you use the problem is that it returns, you can get rid of it but it rebounds. I wonder how deep it goes and is there a point where you get to skin where the melanin is normal? Or is that 'cell' of skin damaged forever?

I regret the hydroquinone (had both as Kligmans formula that chemist mixes for you, and the Obagi cream partnered with the Retin A as I said before) and it is wow even after one day, but it comes back so much worse.

I'm not sure if the fraxel laser can help, but you need a series of them and I was looking at £1500. So I'm going to try some other things first, the TCA peels for now, then when I've finished having babies maybe fork out for laser.hmm

My patches just darken when I'm pregnant, no new ones.

violetbunny Sat 11-Apr-15 03:32:53

I have regular laser treatments and use a combination of products (hydroquinone cream, glycolic acid, retinol) to help keep it under control. Sun exposure makes it much worse so I am vigilant about sunscreen - I wear spf 50 daily and always wear a hat if going outside in the sun even for a few minutes. Since I started all of this the melasma has improved greatly and is almost imperceptible now.

KiwiDoc Sat 11-Apr-15 05:57:55

Your dermatologist may be able to prescribe you Pigmanorm which is a combination of three things: hydroquinone, tretinoin and hydrocortisone. Some patients do find this helpful but it can bleach the skin so needs to be used carefully, usually a six week trial in the first instance. You need to wear SPF all year round and be very strict about protecting yourself from the sun. Unfortunately melasma is very difficult to treat but I would try those measures in the first instance.

Rexy Tue 14-Apr-15 23:20:07

Thanks I'm still awaiting my appt not surprisingly

Rexy Thu 16-Apr-15 20:48:50


Rexy Sat 30-May-15 23:10:48

Anyone ?

msmorgan Wed 03-Jun-15 10:50:01

I have had what I think is Melasma for over 8 years, it appeared during my first pregnancy. I have seen 4 different GP's at my surgery who have all had different opinions but I have not seen a dermatologist.

Does anyone know if it is possible to be referred to an NHS dermatologist or how much a private consultation would be?

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