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How are M&s regarding returns?

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Shonajay Mon 06-Apr-15 02:20:55

Hubby bought me two lovely cashmere onesies (ive been in and out of hospital this year and they keep me warm/ cool without blankets if I kick them off. I've worn the pink one more so it's been washed about six times, went to get the beige one out today and it's got a hole the size of a 50p in the back! My friend offered to darn it for me but it's right where I had my spinal surgery so I can imagine it would irritate me. He got them in the sale, they were £199 each then down to £150 but one get one half price. I've recently cleared all my wardrobe out in case it was moths and we have cedar hanger things on all the hangers, I've not caught it on anything, thinking about it it could have been there when I got it as ive worn it so little. Do you think they'll give us a refund? Gutted anyway CLS I think they're out of stock now...

Sloachie Mon 06-Apr-15 08:43:09

Do you have a receipt? If it's still within the 28 days if purchase they will give you a full refund. If no receipt they will give you a credit voucher for the current sale value. When an item is faulty they will sometimes give you a full refund outwith the 28 days if you can show on your receipt how much you paid for it.
I used to work for them and was always amazed at how generous their returns policy was. Give it a try! You might be lucky...

JimmyCorkhill Mon 06-Apr-15 08:50:20

I have never had any issues returning stuff, with or without receipts. I took DD1's school coat back recently to ask about getting the zip repaired and they gave me the full price for it shock We had owned it for months too and it was filthy obviously well worn.

HappydaysArehere Mon 06-Apr-15 08:52:02

Love cashmere but try to avoid it as I have seen how moths are attracted to it. I have one cashmere jumper but I keep it sealed up in a bag which is a nuisance. Do hope you get your problem sorted.

Shonajay Mon 06-Apr-15 09:42:17

I've got a few cashmere items and we definitely don't have moths. That's why I'm confused. It's odd.

Allie82 Mon 06-Apr-15 11:23:08

I've never had any issues, I returned shoes after about 6months as the soles were coming away and got an exchange, I did still have the receipt though...

BlueEyedWonder Mon 06-Apr-15 13:56:38

M&S have good returns policy.
I returned a blouse I bought online in December '14 this weekend as the beading was coming undone on the shoulder after 1 careful wash. It was a going out blouse and had only worn it a couple of times.
Anyway, I couldn't find the despatch note so just took a screen shot of my online order from my order history with them and they refunded me without question.

JimmyCorkhill Mon 06-Apr-15 14:03:45

I posted earlier about the school coat. I didn't have the receipt and couldn't remember what I paid for it either. They still gave me the full amount (I checked the coat price online when I got home) in cash.

Coldcabbagestew Mon 06-Apr-15 14:05:25

M&S are not as good with refunds exchanges as they used to be. They have reduced their refund period to 28 days in line with other retailers.

If your item is faulty though - this shouldn't apply and you should be entitled to a refund within a reasonable time period.

ThisFenceIsComfy Mon 06-Apr-15 14:08:08

Well I tried to return something with the receipt and they refused because I had washed it once! I only wanted an exchange too.

HeyLuciani Mon 06-Apr-15 15:55:55

I had an M&S cashmere jumper which developed holes after a few wears. I took it back and they said they would have to send it away for 'testing'. They decided that it wasn't a manufacturing fault so wouldn't give me a refund or exchange. It wasn't moths and none of my other jumpers had this issue so I have no idea why this particular jumper got holes after such little use. I won't buy cashmere from them again. Hope you have more luck!

Trills Mon 06-Apr-15 16:03:29

M&S used to be FAMOUS for their lax generous criminally easy to manipulate returns policy.

TheBuffyBot Mon 06-Apr-15 16:05:57

The return policy is 35 days.
I recently took a cashmere jumper back for DM and explained that a hole had appeared on the arm and would they be able to do anything as I had only bought it at Christmas. They were great they couldn't order another one which DM would have liked as it had gone in the sale but they refunded me in cash. I didn't have the receipt for it either.

Shonajay Tue 07-Apr-15 02:11:34

Oh good thankyou!

H2OWoe Thu 30-Jul-15 17:54:23

Just bringing this thread back to report that M&S are now being extremely obstructive and unhelpful about returns. I returned a dress that was "not as described" (the fabric pattern and the cut were quite different to the photo online) but because it was just outside their 35-day return window, they took the dress back but refused a refund and did not acknowledge receipt.

I know they recieved it because it was in the same package as another item which they did refund against. I queried this with them, pointing out that the item was "not as described" and asking for my refund. I received an extremely curt and unapologetic response saying in effect, you're outside the 35-day limit so too bad. No dress no refund.

This is a breach of the Sale of Goods Act so I've emailed them again to point that out. The dress was unworn, with labels on, the original order documents & returns data filled out carefully and I'd explained clearly that the item was not as described. I am really amazed at their attitude and I will NEVER buy online from them again. Disgusted with m&s so beware of them with regard to returns (even if items are faulty or not as described!).

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