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Retinol/retinoids? where to start?

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twoboots Wed 01-Apr-15 19:06:18

I'm Slowly building up a Caroline Hirons type routine, I'm noticing an improvement in my dry patches and skin tone, with of double cleansing, acid toner and serums. I's like to start using a vitamin A type product for my wrinkles, but where to start?? The products tend to be pricey and I'm aware that I should be sparing and build up my tolerance. I do love ren products and I was thinking of this or should I go full blown 1% with this Hirons recommendation

Any recommendations from those already on the vitamin a bandwagon?

violetbunny Wed 01-Apr-15 19:21:19

I have both the products you mention. You should be aware that the Ren product doesn't actually contain any retinol, the company just claim that it acts like one (hence the name of the product). I love Ren products but this one is just an expensive facial oil. Go with Paulas choice, if you dint want to start with something so strong she also does plenty of other face creams which contain less retinol.

TheMD Wed 01-Apr-15 19:45:45

Just wanted to say that if you wanted something less strong to start off with (which should be the case, imho), I would recommend Vichy Redermic R serum. It's 0.3% retina, also has been recommended by the almighty Hirons and Ruth at

TheMD Wed 01-Apr-15 19:49:01

*0.3% retinol

twoboots Wed 01-Apr-15 21:28:28

thanks md, I think the redermic seems to be a comparatively reasonable entry level product for me.

*0.3% rods and cones- maybe your onto something there!

XiCi Wed 01-Apr-15 22:45:30

Am currently using Vichy Liftactiv advanced filler which I love. Avene also do a more gentler retinol product called YstheAl

XiCi Wed 01-Apr-15 22:46:52

Also, I think redermic R is LRP not vichy

Juliecloud Thu 02-Apr-15 22:46:32

What age should you start using retinols? I'm the wrong side of 35, with acne scars and sun damage, will they help me?

SelfLoathing Thu 02-Apr-15 22:56:31

On the same topic, I recall someone saying that you could get much stronger over the counter retinol products in the USA. I'm just about to go there. Is this true and if so, what products would you recommend?

cerealqueen Thu 02-Apr-15 23:33:33

selfloathing I think you need to keep up the regime so unless you go regularly then stick with what you can get over here.

PontypineNumber9 Fri 03-Apr-15 09:22:36

Sorry to hijack but I'm in a similar position to OP - 34, decent skin and routine but looking to add something anti ageing. After some research I recently bought the Skinceuticals 0.5% retinol night cream. Used it twice (3 days apart) but my skin started flaking and went really red. I know this can happen and the advice I've read is to persevere but does anyone have direct experience of this and how long it takes to subside?
I have stopped using the retinol for now and my skin is back to normal.
I should add that I'm breastfeeding. Might wait until I've stopped to try retinol again.

UntamedShrew Fri 03-Apr-15 16:16:17

I've got the skinceutucals 0.3% as I thought I'd build up slowly. However I am very impatient so I've been using it every night! No redness of flaking and my skin is a lot softer & smoother. I can't wait to run out though so I can try the 0.5% one

PontypineNumber9 Sat 04-Apr-15 22:32:09

Hmm that's interesting Untamed. I may invest in the 0.3% and give it another try. I didn't realised it came in a lower strength than the 0.5%.

SweetPea3 Sun 10-May-15 22:26:38

@ Pontypine - my dermatologist said not to use Retinoids while pregnant or breastfeeding fyi

AmelieinOz Sun 10-May-15 22:41:39

JulieCloud - yes, start Retinol. It works wonders.

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