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Excessive body hair is making me miserable

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Underthedeepblueocean Sun 29-Mar-15 16:27:14

Please don't tell me I shouldn't be ashamed; I'm not ashamed but I'm fed up.

My legs are like desperate dans. I shaved them yesterday and already they are stubbly. They look like most women's do after a WEEK. Even my legs and toes are hairy hmm

My eyebrows are okay and can be waxed / threaded but I'm noting an increasing amount on my face including long wiry ones growing from my neck and chin. I pluck three when I see them.

My pubic area is ridiculous. I have pubic hair growing halfway down my thighs and hair removal cream burns me and more pertinently doesn't work. I am utterly fed up.

I don't have pcos or similar. I come from a hairy family. On the plus side I do have beautifully thick swishy head-hair and so do my children. Unfortunately when born they look like baby monkeys. My nearly-1 year old already has a mono brow hmm


ROARmeow Sun 29-Mar-15 16:45:43

No advice, but just letting you know I have this issue too!

Pale Irish skin, but dark brown hair in and on every possible place.

I've spent past 20 years trying to ignore it.

Chippednailvarnish Sun 29-Mar-15 16:50:09

I'm having laser treatment and can recommend it...

neolara Sun 29-Mar-15 16:50:20

An epilady is your friend.

mowglik Sun 29-Mar-15 16:52:28

I have this too, thick hair everywhere...except on my head! At least you have a nice head of hair, mine is thinning at the top sad

I get waxed monthly but the hairs start growing back within days (and this is with no shaving so its not like they were too short to wax).

I have been seriously considering either laser or the phllips lumea - will probably buy that in the next few weeks and give it a go.. waxing costs me £55 every month so if i could stop doing my legs and underarms that would save me loads so would be well worth it

have you thought about laser?

NoMoreDelays Sun 29-Mar-15 16:52:57

And a Philips Lumea is an even better friend wink

Underthedeepblueocean Sun 29-Mar-15 16:55:48

Talk to me about laser. How much / where / how ? smile

ToysRLuv Sun 29-Mar-15 17:02:36

I have this, but only normal head hair and eyebrows. When most people talk about shaving they talk under the knees, possibly bikini line. I talk round my nipples, then from under my belly button, down my thighs and some even on my toes. Sucks. I rarely do it now. Just if I plan to have sex with DH, wear a skirt in the summer or go swimming (all rareish events). So, lumea. Does it really work? Is it lots of work?

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:07:37

I have recently bought a phillips lumea because of similar reasons and it's AMAZING, I can't recommend it enough. I did my third session a week ago and have no hair regrowth on my underarms, bikini line, thighs, lip and chin. My lower legs, which I've had waxed a lot over the years, have vastly reduced regrowth. There are large areas which are hair free and some patches where some hair is still growing but at a reduced rate. It suggests that you need 4-5 sessions 2 weeks apart for optimum results.

I keep looking at hair free areas and being amazed, it's seriously been worth every penny and really feels like it's changed how I feel about myself so much.

Kundry Sun 29-Mar-15 17:08:07

Laser, especially if you have dark hair and pale skin.

Underthedeepblueocean Sun 29-Mar-15 17:08:34

So what is this? smile Can it be done at home, or is it salon-based?

expatinscotland Sun 29-Mar-15 17:10:36

I started waxing early and then learned to do it on myself early enough as well. I destroyed many of my hair follicles now through years of waxing and am no longer so hairy as a result, but if I still were I would invest in a Lumea (those weren't out years ago when I first started waxing).

It's hard for people who don't have this problem to understand.

ToysRLuv Sun 29-Mar-15 17:13:31

So those who have the lumea, which one do you have?

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:15:22

Lumea takes a few minutes to do underarms, lip, chin, toes, bikini line but admit legs take ages. It says legs take 15 mins and the battery lasts enough to do whole body but that's not been realistic for me. I'd say legs took an hour first time but I've got quicker. I find you really need to mark out lines with a white eye liner or its really hard to keep track where you've done already. Because you can't use while it's charging I do things then stop to charge and do lower legs.

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:17:32

I have this one If you put code LUMEA300 it's £300. Best money I've ever spent

ToysRLuv Sun 29-Mar-15 17:19:07

Expat, I have tried waxing, but it hurts like fuck, I bleed and bruuse, and the hairs still come back as quickly as with shaving.

If I shave I get horrible bumps and a rash if I do it too often (for days back to back).So dread holidays to foreign countries with hot weather. Also, no spur of the moment swimming trips. You can also tell where I have shaved, so being nekkid is not entirely shame free ever. I have stopped caring a bit since settling down with dhs, but still have nightmares where I have to go to a sauna or swimming with people and have had a chance to shave nips, etc.

ToysRLuv Sun 29-Mar-15 17:19:51

"have NOT had a chance", that should be, of course..

Miltonmaid Sun 29-Mar-15 17:23:42

I think I'm going to invest in a lumea. I wish they weren't so expensive though. I've seen there's a cheaper model, does anyone know of this is as good as the precision?

Are the results permanent? Do you think if I started using it now the by my summer holidays I wouldn't need to shave?

LoisEinhorn Sun 29-Mar-15 17:27:29

Scotswoman I just tried that code and it doesn't work sad

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:32:33

The cheaper ones have a bulb that has less flashes so a shorter lifespan. The precision also has the smaller attachment for the face.

For the first 4-5 times you do it 2 weeks apart so that takes 6-8 weeks. After that you just do when needed for maintenance so I think starting now would be plenty of time for summer holidays.

meglet Sun 29-Mar-15 17:33:15

same here. started waxing at 15 and 25yrs later the hair on my legs is finally thinning sad . it's been the bane of my life, no skirts or dresses because waxed hair sprouts again within few days.

should I stick a lumea on the credit card? it would pay for itself wouldn't it.

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:34:54

Lois, sorry it is still listed online and is the one I used 6 weeks ago but it may have expired now

scotswoman Sun 29-Mar-15 17:35:57

£299 at argos

ToysRLuv Sun 29-Mar-15 17:36:03

I want a lumea now. No money, though. sad

AgentProvocateur Sun 29-Mar-15 17:39:58

Does the lumia work on fair hair?

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