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Please help me find a fifties style black lace dress like this...

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cathyandclaire Fri 27-Mar-15 16:16:27

DD1 loves this dress. After obsessive googling I found it was made by a company called Chotronette
They no longer make the dress, there are similar-ish ones, not one that she loves as much. It's a fairly classic style, so I wondered if anyone had spotted something like this on their internet trawls smile
Budget up to £150 I think.

notmadafterall Fri 27-Mar-15 16:23:17

That is a beautiful dress.

try this website for more beautiful 50s inspired dresses.

Good luck!

notmadafterall Fri 27-Mar-15 16:27:08

Just had a quick look at that website I linked - there is nothing nearly as nice as the Chotronette dress on there sad

PeachandBlack Fri 27-Mar-15 16:31:05

How about this from asos?

hellsbellsmelons Fri 27-Mar-15 16:31:54

lindybop but nothing as stunning as the one she wants.
It's gorgeous.
still not close
same one as the previous one I linked to I think?

hellsbellsmelons Fri 27-Mar-15 16:34:49

nice but very different
chi chi again

Orangeanddemons Fri 27-Mar-15 16:36:40

any good?

I know it's not as nice, but it's still nice!

notmadafterall Fri 27-Mar-15 16:38:32

I can't stop staring at that Chotronette dress.

It is beauty personified! I have totally fallen in love. Its stunning. Good luck in finding one that comes even close!

PeachandBlack Fri 27-Mar-15 16:39:30

Just realised you specified black in the thread title. Sorry to post completely the wrong colour blush.

cathyandclaire Fri 27-Mar-15 17:19:32

Lots of lovely options but not as nice as that Chotronette dress. I fear I am chasing an impossible dream. I think I care more than DD!

emsyj Fri 27-Mar-15 18:00:55

You could get one made as long as you can source a lace that you like (or probably the dressmaker would be able to get one). Check on Etsy or find a local seamstress. £150 is reasonable as long as the fabric isn't too pricy - I had a bridesmaid dress made in a similarish style (but with lace sleeves also) for about that price.

ZeddyByeBye Sat 28-Mar-15 00:05:03

It's white and black-

Bit over budget:

ZeddyByeBye Sat 28-Mar-15 00:15:17

fatnan76 Sat 28-Mar-15 09:55:12

Is this worth a try for the price?

zgaze Sat 28-Mar-15 10:08:22

Another Chi Chi London one which is similar

SoMuchForSubtlety Sat 28-Mar-15 10:14:36

You could try a custom order from an Etsy seller who does 1950s dresses eg?

moonshine Sat 28-Mar-15 11:22:48

This is quite pretty

I love this but it's well over budget, I'm afraid...

PrimalLass Sat 28-Mar-15 14:26:54

Which one is it? It just takes me to the main page.

PrimalLass Sat 28-Mar-15 14:50:13

Ignore that. I can see it on the desktop site. Stupid app. Lovely dress.

cathyandclaire Wed 27-May-15 09:52:31

I have a happy ending to my search...

The original designers started remaking it, so I've ordered it and hopefully it should arrive by mid June.
Dd very excited (not as much as me though blush) and I think it will be great for balls etc when she goes to Uni (grades permitting) in the autumn <crosses fingers and touches wood>

cathyandclaire Tue 16-Jun-15 10:49:21

This dress arrived today and I am genuinely staggered by the quality of it, fabric, finish everything. They made it to measure, it cost somewhere £120 delivered and it is just perfect.
Really, really recommend these designers lots of very girly, flirty stuff and short bridal/bridesmaid dresses, please excuse the gushing just very pleased and relieved!

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