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Wanted Boots Botanics BB Cream!

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GherkinMuncher Mon 23-Mar-15 16:27:00


Does anyone know where I can get Boots Botanics BB Cream online? Can't find it on their website and our local store doesn't stock it. I'm 37 weeks pregnant so can't go trekking around looking for it!!

Many thanks.

everythingsgoingsouth Mon 23-Mar-15 18:53:47

hi, I got this in medium a couple of weeks ago, used a smidge of it but it's not the right colour for me. you are more than welcome to it. just PM me an address and I'll pop in in post tomorrow.

GherkinMuncher Mon 23-Mar-15 21:17:43

Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

Definitely will be buying a few tubes next time I'm in a Boots that stock it.

Kazzahalil Sat 18-Jun-16 21:45:18

Hi does anyone have botanical Bob cream in medium? If you want to sell it let me know. thank you x

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