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The Apple & Inverted Triangle Thread

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Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 10:28:27

I can't see any recent threads on this topic so thought I'd start one.

For those of us who are 'blessed' with top heavy figures - whether that is in the form of big norkage or broad shoulders - and don't have the worry of big bums or saddle-bags perhaps a bit of a tummy though

It seems really difficult to find style/fashion advice for non-pears, which doesn't focus on how to hide your bum, hips, thighs, legs, so I thought I'd even out the playing field.

I thought we could have lists (god, I love lists) on which shops and makes or styles are 'apple' friendly (both high street and online and both cheap and expensive, so come and add your favourite apple/inverted triangle friendly shops, web sites, blogs, online retailers (in this and other countries) so that we have a one stop shop resource for all things apple/inverted triangle.

here's what I've learned so far which has helped me find my kind of clothes.

Boden: Bistro crops are perfect for apples as they have a larger waist than you'd expect for the hip size and the legs are narrow.
Topshop: Kristen jeans / leggings are perfectly cut for apples
DKNY/Donna Karan - everything fits.
Monsoon - great if you avoid the over-bedazzled stuff
Phase 8
The White Company
Saint Bustier
Ralph Lauren
Other stories
White Stuff

My favourite blog is styleisalanguage simply because they show stylish, beautiful women of all ages. I also like theschoolrun and wearingittoday (WIT). I know a lot of Mumsnetters don't like WIT but I like her simply because she looks normal and un-model-like so I can imagine wearing what she's wearing. I also like doesmybumlook40 but I'm not that fashionable and fear I may look quite mad if I tried to emulate her look. (I look middle-aged whereas I don't think she does due to being thin and wearing dark sunglasses)!

marriednotdead Mon 23-Mar-15 11:07:53

Ooh, what a great idea for a thread smile

Not specific brands as such but I am a fan of tunic and trapeze style tops. I've had a couple from Joe Browns, and others I found in a store called Apricot. They used to also be stocked in a concession in Debenhams along with Izabel London which has turned up some great dresses and knitwear for me.
Agree with Pepperberry, White Stuff and Phase 8.
Dorothy Perkins Eden jeggings are my latest discovery, and some of their higher waist slim trousers.
Next high waist skinnies and jeggings
I used to have a pair of Kristens but my bum was too small and they kept slipping down
I'm on the lookout for patterned trousers/jeggings etc. As most people say they look way too bottom heavy in them, they'd suit me fine! Not found many long enough yet but I live in hope...

Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 11:38:46

Pure do fantastic printed / patterned trousers/jeggings (a bit like Boden's offerings) but I have to wait for the sale to get them.

I'm so glad that high waists are back in fashion to hold everything in!

I am short-waisted and high-hipped and I've longed for clothing manufacturers to start making stuff that covers my belly.

Having said that, in the colder months, a vest with a built-in bra is brilliant for giving a smooth line under low slung jeans/jeggings/leggings.

I'm loving the Apricot clothing site. Seems to be a cross between FatFace & Phase 8.

Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 11:44:31

Yes yes to the Kritens slipping down (and I have an arse - just not enough to prevent slippage). I am forever pulling my pants up grin

I love tunics too but I find that they look better fitted/skimming than loose. Shirt dresses are another good style for keeping it soft and loose up top but showing off the legs.

London Times make good dresses for our shape as does jasper conran for Debenhams (the plainer ones obviously).

CoupdeFoudre Mon 23-Mar-15 12:33:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glugglugglug Mon 23-Mar-15 13:22:57

I'm a skinny apple, so I have the shape, but not really the round tummy. However, I also find it really hard to find clothes that flatter me. Especially trousers! Maybe I'm just an inverted triangle hmm Anyway....

I've actually never really got on with high waisted trousers. I'm naturally high waisted, so I feel a bit like a clown when I wear these grin I always assumed I couldn't wear skinnies because I would look too top heavy, so would always stick to bootcut. Actually though, I've recently discovered that I can do skinnies and if anything, they're actually more flattering on me than bootcut!

I find new look skinnies (not super skinny) good and also, some of the next skinnies. Yes to tunics! Also, skater dresses and skirts. Dorothy Perkins do some nice ones. I have all of them I think grin

Oh and wide leg, linen trousers are good, because they balance you out your top heavy frame. I live in these in the summer! Those and long, hippy (not straight) style skirts.

I'm glad this has become a proper recognised shape now and that more people are understanding it can be a somewhat problematic one. For years people would tell me I was lucky because I have a small no bum and long, skinny legs, but they didn't realise just how difficult it is to find clothes which fit properly when you're this shape.

Also...and this is a slightly embarrassing question, but does anyone else find that you're more susceptible to the dreaded camel toe?! blush and if you don't, just lie and say you do, so that I feel better grin

Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 14:13:58

CoupdeFoudre yes, I forgot about Zara being brilliant for those of us with thin legs.

Yes, glugglugglug I prefer skinnies to bootcut/flares too. if you keep the top half dark and / or fitted, it works fine. I wear straight leg jeans too sometimes with boots which also looks good (bulk at the bottom of the leg to even out the top half).

I still think that bootcut/flares are a bit 'Trinny & Suzanna circa 2002.'

I agree that people look longingly at your pert arse and long thin legs and forget about the norks and arms or tummy and shoulders.

Even when I had a BMI under 20 I still had a big ribcage, big norks and broad shoulders, a bit like Angelina Jolie. I look nothing like that now alas grin

I'm pretty much balanced with matching hips and bust and a slightly defined waist with a slight tummy when I eat. Squats have stopped my bum being flat but I still have quite meaty upper arms.

Ah! the dreaded camel toe! Yes, much more susceptible than others of a different shape. I think it's down to being fleshy of body instead of leg! Those with thin bodies don't seem to carry their weight there at all even if they carry weight on their legs!

< lowers tone >

treaclesoda Mon 23-Mar-15 15:59:49

I have found my people. I'm an apple, skinny wee arms and legs, big of nork, rounded belly, and no bum. Ooh, don't I sound lovely? wink

I find it so hard to dress because trousers actually fall down on me as I walk, like a circus clown, because my bum won't hold them up.

treaclesoda Mon 23-Mar-15 16:01:04

I've done zillions of squats and still don't have a bum. Grrr. I want a bum. It seems like a basic human right.

Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 16:17:32

Welcome treacle. You see, I think you sound very feminine whereas I am so masculine, as I have broad shoulders and huge arms (currently moaning about them on the Spring arm thread. they are MASSIVE. I am more of a an inverted triangle but still have apple tendencies as I put weight on my upper body, not lower.

I was once told I had awesome forearms grin - by a man! (they were bigger than his). I sound so attractive don't I?

Dancergirl Mon 23-Mar-15 17:50:18

I'm an inverted triangle. Wider shoulders than hips. Boobs around a 34E/F so biggish but not huge. Bit of a tummy but v narrow hips and skinny legs.

I never have a clue what I should be wearing but I like skinnies or leggings with tunic style longer tops. Or with a fitted tee and cardi. I love knitted dresses too.

Temporaryanonymity Mon 23-Mar-15 17:56:40

All my weight is on my tummy and boobs. From the back I look svelte and fab. From the side, well...

I have to be really careful not to frump the most trendiest of clothing.

Frostycake Mon 23-Mar-15 19:48:39

Dancergirl I'm not sure how old you are but do you remember Bo Derek, Joan Collins and Linda Evans from the 80s? Your sort of figure was 'in' then and was what all women aspired to as I recall. At least with small hips you can do feminine and boyish. I think it's a geeat figure type when it's kept thin (otherwise you get the dreaded Letitia Dean effect). v jealous!

Temporary that's what I dread. I think it's really ageing to have a thick waist. Life's not fair.

marriednotdead Mon 23-Mar-15 21:05:38

In case I wasn't clear, there is no way I wear any top shorter than hip height. The high waisted trousers are there to hold onto my belly in the vain hope that they will get a better grip whilst vainly searching for my arse grin
Not even going there with the camel toe.

A tucked in top equals 2/3 leg to 1/3 norks and looks like a clown on stilts. Alternatively, a belted waist, well, needs a waist. I don't own a belt. Or a waist. There's a tiny indent just below my norks, do you think that counts?

I am fortunate enough to be slim now, after ditching gluten. My mother however, is nicknamed the ball of wool for good reason!

marriednotdead Mon 23-Mar-15 21:10:38

This shape of dress/bolero combo seems to work well.

Maraki Mon 23-Mar-15 21:40:45

Finally I have found my tribe! I am tall, broad shoulders, 34G norks, tummy that looks as if I'm 7 months pregnant, flat bum, absolutely fabulous long trim legs.

I don't / can't:
Wear or own a belt
Wear a top or shirt tucked in
Wear any top that is shorter than belly button height
Wear flat or kitten heels shoes with skirts or skinnies (the higher the heel or the chunkier the boot the better)
Wear a short round neck 'Chanel-type' jacket (jackets need to be V necked and looooooong)
Wear fit and flare dresses
Anything with Spaghetti straps

This really limits what looks half decent on me. For work its shift or A line dresses with long cardigans. For casual it's straight jeans (or skinnies tucked in boots), with long sweaters and long scarves to hide enormous norks.
Summerwear and beachwear is extremely stressful and reduces me to tears.

Thank you for starting this thread!!

BallsToThat Mon 23-Mar-15 21:47:30

Can I join?

I'm an inverted triangle - size 12-14 on top, 12 bottom, broad-ish shoulders, 34E bazookas, bit of a tum, narrow hips and long skinny legs (although I do have a bum, which makes my shape even more odd to be honest). Oh, and the added oddity of being 5'11 grin.

I have got a very casual 'look' sorted, but struggle with what to wear when. I dress up. What shape dresses do you guys go for?

OneHandFlapping Mon 23-Mar-15 22:04:35

I belong here. 12-14 top, size 10 bottom, 34D. Only 5ft3 (and a half). I sound lovely, don't I?

I've learned the hard way never to buy anything which hangs from the shoulders - it makes me look even more like I've got somebody else's lower body on. A cut and shut if you like.

Kaliko normally have one or two dresses that are good for work. M&S and Asos are terrible, always leaving me with acres of unfilled hip/bum area.

turkeyboots Mon 23-Mar-15 22:19:51

I am another inverted triangle, huge shoulders, broad rib cage and no waist with no bum. Am tending towards an appley triangle as need to loose some weight. It's a hard shape to dress.

Swimwear is driving me mad right now as halter necks are everywhere and I look awful in them. Don't suppose anyone has spotted a nice, suck every thing in , not wildly expensive suit?

ToastieRoastie Mon 23-Mar-15 22:43:59

I too am an inverted triangle, with tendency to put on weight round my waist. I've big arms, broad shoulders, short waist. All that with my skinny hips and legs - I look luuuuverly.

Turkey - for swimwear - I've just bought this Cossie from M&S. They are flattering on as the straps detract from my broad shoulders.

ToastieRoastie Mon 23-Mar-15 22:47:38

Frosty great idea for a thread by the way. I've always thought my shape is odd as there's so much more focus on disguising pear shapes.

I'm so jealous of the Pears and their flat stomachs envy

standingonlego Mon 23-Mar-15 22:56:55

Fantastic timing! A shorty inverted triangle here - just under 5"3, 32E, size 10ish but little hips, no waist...however running and squats have given me back just enough bum to hold my jeans up now grin

Top tip - love skinnies but roll up the cuffs a bit, gives more width at bottom on legs to balance you out. Works a treat, give it a go.

Live in opaques, slightly a-line frocks and heels or biker boots. Jeans are a nightmare...all recommendations welcome!!!

courgettesoup Mon 23-Mar-15 23:27:44

Hello <waves> I belong here too. And agree, swimwear is a nightmare, spaghetti straps are a disaster on my rugby players shoulders. Please do link to things with sucking-in properties and thick straps. (Were we born to wear Miss Mary of Sweden?)

MoustacheofRonSwanson Tue 24-Mar-15 04:29:36

Hello, 5'4'', broad shoulders, 34 E, tiny hips, not much bum but lunges help with that a lot, better waist than I used to have thanks to Tiffany Rothe workouts on youtube, lots of her stuff is waist focussed.

I love
a-line mini-ish skirts,
tunic tops,
anything with pockets on the hip (especially patch pockets),
skirts with ruffles/tiering/gathering,
halternecks or racerbacks that make my shoulders look narrower,
3/4 length sleeves
shirts worn with lots of buttons open to create a deep, narrow v (like the tom ford for gucci collection in the 90s with silk shirts and velvet jeans) buttoned up to the top it looks like my breasts are making a serious bid for world domination
platform wedge sandals

turkeyboots Tue 24-Mar-15 06:43:16

Toastie thanks for that. Looks like a possibility.

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