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What are you planning to wear this summer?

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Pickering Mon 16-Mar-15 09:35:46

Hi all. I'm looking for some inspiration for summer clothes as I'm planning a bit of a wardrobe update. Need non-work stuff that's practical with small children but makes me feel good. Particularly day dresses. Thanks!

wigfieldrocks Mon 16-Mar-15 11:04:51

I just bought the Breton Tunic from Boden and it's really lovely. It could be worn as a dress in warmer weather but could also be worn with leggings or skinny jeans. I've invested in a couple of different coloured Breton stripe Tees to wear with boyfriend jeans too.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 16-Mar-15 11:36:46

I hate going bare-legged, so my summer wardrobe is usually skinny or boyfriend jeans rolled up to just above the ankle, with sandals or brogues/loafers, and Breton tops or printed blouses.

Last year I bought a few midi-dresses which I did brave with bare legs - Oasis did the same jersey one in block colours and loads of different prints which was useful - super-flattering on my shape, and really comfy.

I also think a good denim jacket is a really handy thing to have.

In fairness, it tends not to be particularly warm here even in summer!

Pickering Mon 16-Mar-15 11:55:53

Think I need to check out some boyfriend jeans. Any recommendations? Like high waist to tuck my spare post baby tummy into!

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 16-Mar-15 14:03:41

What about the "mom" jeans, Pickering? I know they get a bad press because of the name, but they're basically high-waisted boyfriends and really flattering. The Topshop ones are good, I think.

Silverjohnleggedit Mon 16-Mar-15 18:14:27

MIDI skirts, both pencil and 50's style - can't do dresses - too tall and all the proportions are wrong. And shorts.

Pickering Mon 16-Mar-15 19:39:43

Thanks, Judy, will check out topshop, and think through skirt options, Silver.

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Mon 16-Mar-15 20:01:23

I wear jersey dresses, mainly. I love dresses. I find them really easy to wear with a cardi and sandals. On cooler days I wear skinnies, lace up canvas shoes and sweaters. I am not remotely on trend in my style, but I wear what works for me with young DC.

For work, I wear stretchy dresses from phase eight, a cropped cardi and wedges.

Depends on the weather, obviously, but probably pretty much what I wore last summer.

Cooler days - rolled up skinnies, Converse, t-shirt, cotton jumper or cotton parka
Or midi skirt, top and denim jacket, Converse

Warm days -
Over the knee skirt with a t-shirt, sandals or Converse
Lightweight jersey dresses
50s style skirts with a cami

clarad Mon 16-Mar-15 20:09:22

Loving Uniqlo at the moment. Bought this top in Navy, White and Green here this skirt and this vest in a few colours

WipsGlitter Mon 16-Mar-15 20:11:54

I love that oasis dress. I've realised I look better in dresses! Have a look at some blogs even to see what you don't like!!

Liking that silk tank a lot!

chanie44 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:38:20

I tried on the silk top but it looked horrible on me. The back pleat just wouldn't sit right because oft boobs. I really wanted it to work. hmm

Twinklestein Mon 16-Mar-15 20:53:25

Definitely not a Breton top. I'll be in France and will look like an onion seller.

Just the same summer dresses with pumps, or skinnies with silk vintage style blouses and heels... What else...
I've got some nice pencil skits I'm looking forward to wearing, and my beloved skinny bell-bottoms which have finally caught on...
Castaner wedges, Capri pants, minis with summer boots...

I will not be wearing yellow or orange, culottes, dungarees or mom jeans...

Carpaccio Mon 16-Mar-15 21:11:10

I prefer wearing jeans and trousers, but I would like a new maxi skirt to wear with a simple t-shirt.

I've already bought one of these:
And I'd like some more. It's quite thin material so will work well even during summer. I'll wear it with jeans.

For the colder days or evenings, I'm planning on wearing jeans, a white loose t-shirt, jewellery and this jacket:

I'll be finding all of my not so warm scarves as well - I recently got this one which I love:
I'll be wearing it with a black or white top, trousers and flats on the days where it's not too hot.

I need some new flats and sandals, and I'm not completely sure of what I want. I used to have some Pretty Ballerina snake print ones in grey and nude colours and they were really nice, so I'd like something similar again.
And some simple cotton shirts - not necessarily smart ones.

BallsToThat Mon 16-Mar-15 21:22:09

On cooler days, I wore slim fit jeans in lighter blue or light grey with slouchy tee shirts layered over a vest. I.had some really nice tees and vests that all went together in various combinations- in white, grey, various shades of blue and 'breton' - from Oasis and Warehouse that are still going strong. Worn with white Converse or Vans or white or silver flat sandals. Cant do ballet shoes as they hurt my feet.

On properly hot days, I like maxi dresses in bright prints with flat sparkly sandals, or the fuller skirted Boden jersey dress in navy or mink, purely because they do a longer length. Hate my legs!

I need new comfy sandals and a few new tops. I'm desperate for a pair of slim white jeans in proper denim, too, but everything I've tried on so far is that horrible stretchy and see-through 'skinny' style.

Silverjohnleggedit Mon 16-Mar-15 21:30:45

And saltwater sandals - In various colours. grin

frankietwospots Mon 16-Mar-15 22:34:30

Oooo, where's that embroidered jacket from Carpaccio?

Carpaccio Mon 16-Mar-15 23:46:05

It's from here:

They have a few other ones as well.

I went for size M, which is a UK10/EU38 according to the label.

Floisme Tue 17-Mar-15 07:09:39

Flares, 50s-full skirts, tubes skirts, pencil skirts, plimsolls, sandals - possibly platforms (only with the flares). Above all, sleeves.

Silverjohnleggedit Tue 17-Mar-15 07:10:15

I'm also planning to give up my search for a summer cardigan, there is no shape that doesn't add instant frump. I'm focusing on jackets instead, which although only slightly more restrictive, look so much better on me.

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 17-Mar-15 08:49:07

Oh, I love cardigans. I got a great Cos one a few weeks ago which is becoming a firm favourite. I tend to wear v-neck cardigans with round neck tops, and crew-neck ones with other necklines and don't think it looks frumpy at all. I also have some black and white polka dot culottes I bought last summer and wore with plain tops and sandals which I'll bring out again - they just look like a midi skirt on me but without being full/bulky.

NotYouNaanBread Tue 17-Mar-15 09:01:25

I get to spend the whole summer in hot countries this year, so mostly Breton tops, shorts, converse and bikinis! Very excited about it.

I'm going to be in New York for a bit, so might invest in something cooler for there, but will wait and see. Maybe crisp white JCrew shirts and fancier shorts?

SpecificOcean Tue 17-Mar-15 09:25:44

Jeans or knee length shorts (homemade from an old pair of skinnies) and vest top/t-shirt.
Couple of maxis and 2 summer dresses.
Mini and midi skirts.
Denim jacket or lightweight black biker jacket.
Also have converse, flip flops, wedges and sandals.
I've just bought some black plimsolls from New Look and might have to get a white pair too-only £7.
Need a couple more bits.

When does the summer stuff hit the shops?

Silverjohnleggedit Tue 17-Mar-15 09:30:39

Judy I wasn't suggesting that cardigans add instant frump to everyone! Some people look great in them but on me I look dowdy, plain and's good to finally know that an item of clothing just doesn't work for you, round, v neck, short, long - they all look wrong!

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