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Superdrug Naturally Radiant overnight glycolic peel. Your thoughts?

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DidThatSeriouslyJustHappen Fri 06-Mar-15 18:08:54

Inspired by the game changer thread.
I've just bought some and the lady behind the counter warned me to only use it once a week, because it's quite drying. Well, that's not the effect I want! I mean, I'm happy only using it weekly, but what is it actually supposed to do for your skin? I just want a bit of a glow. Is that not what this does? Am I better just using an acid toner?

Verdicts and advice please smile

Naicecuppatea Fri 06-Mar-15 18:54:34

Yes it will give you a glow, and you can use it as often as your skin will tolerate it without becoming dry/flaky/irritated. It is better than an acid toner as it stays on your skin for a decent amount of time. give it a go and report back smile

LackingCommonSense Fri 06-Mar-15 19:29:48

I started using this recently.. probably about three weeks. Started using it twice a week but have just upped it to every other day. Not sure if I've noticed much difference yet tbh bit I'm trying to clear an appalling amount of red acne scarring so could take a while! I haven't found it drying at all!

frankietwospots Fri 06-Mar-15 22:42:23

I used mine last night. The first time I used it, I don't think I used enough as it said a pea-sized amount on the tube and that didn't seem quite right. So I applied more last night and felt my skin tingling when I was awake in the night (as my DS crawled into bed next to me). I rinsed it off this morning and had lovely smooth skin. I guess like everything, you have to use for a while and consistently to see any difference.

DidThatSeriouslyJustHappen Sun 08-Mar-15 19:14:48

Well I'm not feeling like a new woman just yet, but then I've only used it once wink I can't say I see any difference, but my skin felt really smooth and silky once it had sunk in. Does it take a few applications before you see a difference? Also, I'm not sure I put enough on. I put on the recommended amount, but it didn't feel enough.

Was going to put in on again tonight, but then I put it on the night before last. Is that too much?

DidThatSeriouslyJustHappen Mon 09-Mar-15 09:50:23

I did it again last night and I suppose my skin has a bit of a glow to it. I needed more moisturiser though. I think my skin was extra thirsty after using this.

I take it using an acid toner along side this would be too much?.......

Nabootique Mon 09-Mar-15 10:06:55

You can use an acid toner on days when you're not using the peel, but not at the same time (or not recommended).

DidThatSeriouslyJustHappen Mon 09-Mar-15 10:24:41

Ah ok. Are you supposed to get a tingly sort of feeling when it's doing it's thing. I haven't, but assumed I would do, so wondering if I'm putting enough on.

Nabootique Mon 09-Mar-15 10:27:55

A lot of people say they do, but I don't get the tingle usually. I don't use the Superdrug one, but Liquid Gold, which I think is stronger. I think I have the hide of an elephant! grin

DidThatSeriouslyJustHappen Mon 09-Mar-15 10:38:19


I thought liquid gold was a drink hmm

Naicecuppatea Mon 09-Mar-15 10:50:43

I don't get a tingle. I use the Olay Night Renewal elixir which is a glycolic serum. It's great, I haven't tried the Superdrug one.

Nabootique Mon 09-Mar-15 12:16:59

It may well be. It's also an 80s pop group grin

LokiPokey Mon 09-Mar-15 14:23:45

I'm really tempted to get this as I'm on a real mission to get myself sorted and find a skincare routine that works for me and stick to it.
I have sensitive, dry skin and am a bit worried I'd have a reaction to it confused

Nabootique Mon 09-Mar-15 15:56:41

Loki The Superdrug stuff is a treatment, so it's a stronger acid content than an acid toner would be. Maybe you could start with an acid toner? Lactic acid is best for sensitive skin.

LokiPokey Mon 09-Mar-15 20:27:19

Thanks Nabootique, I'll look into that.
I'm so clueless when it comes to skin care!

pinkbadger Sun 22-Mar-15 16:56:28

I bought this (on offer) having seen this thread. Been using it for a couple of weeks every other day or so and though I can't see much change in my skin generally what it has done is got rid of the flakiness round my nose. I have combination skin so oily round the nose but had flaky patches in my nose creases that would really show up with foundation/concealer. Excellent for that alone. Now waiting to see if there are any other longer term effects.

Juliecloud Wed 20-May-15 00:04:30

How are people getting on with this? I've just used it for the first time. I'm hoping to get rid of some acne scarring.

Thisishowyoudisappear Wed 20-May-15 09:29:01

I have not tried the Superdrug one, as it contains alcohol - that could be why it's drying? I don't use anything that makes my face tingle, because I'm pretty sure tingling means irritation. The Olay Regenerist night 'elixir' mentioned above seems really good - I've been using it for a couple of weeks. I've noticed a general improvement in skin tone and the look of sebaceous filaments on my chin but the main thing I like is that a spot I had is clearing up mega quickly and the mark is barely noticeable. So I reckon with longer term use it would def help with scarring, without irritating the skin further.

macnab Wed 20-May-15 09:46:44

Can I ask, do you put this on as your very last step of skincare routine? At the moment, I remove makeup and then cleanse with Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser. Then I apply Olay Regenerist Night Elixir and once that has sunk in I apply a small bit of Chanel Le Nuit (only because I was given it as a gift and want to use it!) So at what stage would I use this glycolic peel? Or do you just skip the 'creams/serums' stage and use that alone?

Juliecloud Wed 20-May-15 13:12:06

I saw the Olay one recommended by a model recommends, I think I'll try it after I've used up the superdrug one.

Hutz Mon 30-Nov-15 01:34:04

It is a peel, with an acid formulation. A peel is a mask and should only be used once a week.
I use a facial oil prior to my night cream and a serum prior to my day cream. Now on the eve of using this peel I still apply my eye cream but of course nothing else but the peel. The following morning after removing the residue of the peel i actually replace my serum for facial oil. The reason behind this is that my skin is on need of extra moisture and conditioning.
I saw an instant result of smooth more glowing skin and as I am progressing through the treatment my skin has improved and people are commenting on how nice my skin looks.
Of course it will not be for everyone, but at the price I figured I had nothing to loose.

squoosh Mon 30-Nov-15 11:58:14

It has a very low acid formulation. No need to be overly cautious when using it.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 30-Nov-15 18:56:57

I like it. Use it weekly.

lucy101101 Mon 30-Nov-15 19:53:08

It made a big difference to my skin (for the better!)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 30-Nov-15 21:14:59

I like it, though a pea-sized amount isn't enough.
It's quite watery too so I build it up a bit at a time.
I can't abide lavender either so I need to hold my breath or gag .

I like the effect, no tingling but smoother the next day.

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