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"Hint of Tint" temporary hair dye, is this still available.....

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nonsense0name Wed 25-Feb-15 15:54:36

I am looking for a product I remember from way back which I think was called Hint of Tint, it is a temporary hair dye in natural shades that lasted about 4-6 shampoos. It was sold in single use sachets and took 1-2mins to apply so you could use it in the shower.

I can't seem to find it and I'm trying to grow out my dyed hair and this would be perfect to tone down the rather yellowing dye that I have left.

Does anyone know if you can buy something like this - I've checked Boots and Superdrug and all I can seem to find are demi/semi permanent dyes.

Thanks for any help smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 25-Feb-15 16:30:21

Hint of a Tint - jings that brings back memories ( that and 'Toners and Shaders' - remember them? Single sachet wash in/wash out)
And 'Glints' in the oval shapred box with the promise of Black Cherry hair.................................................

No, I haven't seen any sachet tints either, but if you want something to tone a yellowy shade why not try the lilac tone shamppo (I saw an advert a couple of days ago) it's on the opposite colour spectrum to yellow so it neutralises.

hugoagogo Wed 25-Feb-15 16:38:29

I don't know if you can still get those; but superdrug do something similar in a little bottle

Mintyy Wed 25-Feb-15 16:51:57

I was looking for these recently. I thought it might be rather fun to put a bright purple or red one on my dark hair which has random grey (about 10%), knowing that if I looked like a fool it would wash out quickly.

I asked in Superdrug but they said they don't have them any more, so I bought one of those little bottles hugo has just mentioned.

jemstipp Wed 25-Feb-15 16:54:47

I used to love those grin

jellycat Wed 25-Feb-15 17:02:52

You can get a similar type of dye in Superdrug. It comes in a little bottle which is enough for several applications. Can't remember the name of it, I'll go and have a look, it's an own brand one.

jellycat Wed 25-Feb-15 17:03:50

Oh Hugo already linked to it!

NorbertDentressangle Wed 25-Feb-15 17:05:12

I used to love those but I'm pretty sure that they used to colour my scalp more than my hair!

nonsense0name Wed 25-Feb-15 17:09:50

Thanks Hugo and Jellycat, I will try these

Toners and Shaders - yes remember those too.

I've seen a sachet type thing on ebay by Schwarzkopf called "Palette" but doesn't seem to by available in the UK - I wonder why they stopped selling it....

But off to try the Superdrug bottle, thanks so much smile

CointreauVersial Wed 25-Feb-15 17:18:43

We were looking for something similar for DD1 (who's too young for permanent dye but wanted to play around with different effects).

After a lot of searching, the only one we could find was.... yes, you guessed it, the one linked by Hugo. It seems Superdrug have this one stitched up.

squoosh Wed 25-Feb-15 17:41:51

Memories! I used to love Hint of a Tint. That was about as much hair dye as I was allowed when I was 15.

LadyWellian Wed 25-Feb-15 17:48:45

Mintyy always read the label - I thought I could dye my grey hairs blonde with a semi-permanent colour (I have mid brown hair and was expecting 'natural highlights') but didn't realise the colour had bleach in it, so everything went lighter! I still don't understand how anything with bleach in it can be 'semi-permanent' confused.

PrimroseEverdeen Wed 25-Feb-15 18:20:09

I use revlon colour ball. It's expensive but it's a big bottle with lots of applications. Lasts about 3 -6 washes depending on how long you leave it in. Comes in loads of shades.

nonsense0name Thu 26-Feb-15 13:26:09

Hi that the Revlon Nutri Colour? in a ball shaped bottle, takes 3 mins

If not please can you link to it, thank you

Trying the superdrug first but this looks good too

Girlsbrigadewashorrible Thu 26-Feb-15 14:15:36

I recommend the Superdrug one. I use warm honey blonde. It works best if you leave it on for at least 5 minutes. I usually leave it for longer than that while I'm having a bath. You may want to try the lighter shade if you are concerned about yellowness.

Tizwailor Thu 26-Feb-15 14:32:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nonsense0name Thu 26-Feb-15 14:42:28

I have bought the Superdrug one in Warm Chocolate Brown and am hoping it will tone down the yellowing brown I have half way through my hair.

Desperately trying to grow out permanent brown dye so that I can embrace my natural light brown/grey hair.

I had a brief experiment to blend the greys with highlights but my hair hates bleach and it is so dry. So now I have bleached high-lighted hair, re-dyed brown, fading to awful yellow which I'm trying to cover with the least amount of dye possible confused

Once it's grown out I promise I will never touch a bottle of dye again grin

Tizwailor Thu 26-Feb-15 15:57:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ihave2naughtydogs Thu 26-Feb-15 16:04:30

nice and easy do a 6-8 wash colour .

katiebc11 Sun 23-Apr-17 07:45:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

strawberryblondebint Sun 23-Apr-17 09:00:41

I love the Superdrug ones. My hair is strawberry blonde. Not going grey but fading iyswim. I use the strawberry blonde one in winter to ginger it up and the lighter blonde at the moment which just keeps it golden and shiny.

RandomDent Sun 23-Apr-17 09:06:47

I'm assuming OP has been to the hairdressers since her post 2 years ago. grin Spam. Reported.

llangennith Sun 23-Apr-17 09:45:43

Zombie thread Reported as Spam

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